July 23, 2019

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 Review

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4

Xiaomi has updated its popular smart activity bracelet with a larger and more customizable color screen to which it adds new monitoring functions. Here everything that the Mi Smart Band 4 offers. Its price and where to buy it.

At a price that is half of what the cheapest Fitbit costs. The latest Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 offers activity tracking, sleep monitoring and health at an incredible price of $ 33.99.

Just using a full-color AMOLED panel makes the upgrade worthwhile. It will not completely replace notifications from a smartwatch or smartphone. It also takes advantage of waterproofing with swim tracking.

Review Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4

The Mi Smart Band 4 is the most expensive activity bracelet launched by Xiaomi. This does not imply that it continues to present a frankly incredible price at which many opponents cannot compete.

And its selling price is half of the cheapest Fitbit model, preserving its long battery life and adding sleep monitoring, heart rate and various activity modes that include swimming tracking, something unheard of for this price range we are in.Mi Smart Band 4

Initially, the original version of the Mi Band was launched with basic sleep and physical activity tracker functions at a very good price and with great battery life.

Mi Band 1S added a heart rate sensor. Subsequently, Mi Band 2 reached the market with an OLED panel with basic notifications. While Mi Band 3 introduced water resistance and a larger screen with enhanced notifications.

Mi Band 4 replaces the 0.78-inch OLED panel to offer a 0.95-inch color AMOLED display and a resolution of 120 x 240 pixels. Which makes it 40% ago larger but lighter with only 22 grams in weight.

This screen is customizable up to a point with 77 different watch faces available for download. Making it easy to switch between previously selected compilations directly from the Mi Band itself.

We could very well say that the most exciting thing at this price point is its waterproofing of 5 ATM and its six-axis accelerometer. This allows you to control various activities, such as running outdoors, walking, cycling, walking, exercising in general and swim. You can even label any additional behavior.Mi Smart Band 4

In the case of sports such as golf, it allows distinguishing between strokes and will measure the distance, calories burned. The number of strokes and the frequency of each stroke, using a SWOLF score (Swim Golf) to analyze performance.

With the new Mi Smart Band 4. It is possible to increase the frequency of measurements when it detects activity. So you can specify how often it should measure and capture the information.

If it turns out that you are a little apprehensive about your health information. You can set an alert value for your heart rate and if you reach this value without activity in between. You will be informed that something is not going well and will notify you.

This heart rate sensor is also useful for more accurate monitoring of sleep and Mi Band 4 can measure your total sleep time and differentiate between the phases of light and deeper sleep.

Mi Smart Band 4

It will record these results over time to show patterns, compare your data with other users and provide recommendations in order to achieve a better night’s rest.

One of the key selling points of Mi Band has always been its long autonomy, and although it now has a larger color screen. Xiaomi states that it can still last up to 20 days, depending on its use.

We managed to maintain 60% of the capacity of your battery for a week, although we had activated notifications with more than 1,000 Slack messages, the same amount of emails, and other social networks.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 specifications

  • Fitness tracker
  • 0.95 inch AMOLED color display
  • Resolution of 120 x 240 pixels and 450 nits
  • Water-resistant 5 ATM
  • Monitor heartbeat
  • 135 mAh battery (up to 20 days of autonomy)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • 247 mm band, adjustable 155-216 mm
  • Weight of 22.1 grams


Xiaomi Mi Band 4


  • Low price point
  • Accurate fitness, health, and sleep tracking
  • Connected GPS is a big plus
  • 20-day battery life
  • Plenty of smart features and customization options


  • Mi Fit app won’t be everyone’s first fitness app choice
  • Heart rate sensor struggles with high-intensity workouts

Where to buy Mi Band 4

The version of the Mi Smart Band 4 that is already on sale can be purchased both in the physical stores. Xiaomi has distributed throughout and through the online store where you will find it at a recommended price of $33.99.

You should know that Xiaomi currently keeps the Mi Band 3 on sale at a recommended price of $ 29.99. Although they are only $ 5 less than the final price of the new Mi Smart Band 4 model. So the difference is very small and Much what you get with the new version.

During its launch in China, the brand itself mentioned a model that would specifically incorporate Near-field communication (NFC) technology that supports mobile payments.

Mi Band 4 modes of use

We have already seen how based on what the Mi Band offers. It is a smart fitness bracelet instead of a smartwatch. In its new 0.95-inch color screen. It is possible to see at a quick glance the time and date with the number of steps and heart rate.

Simply lift your wrist slightly or press the capacitive button below the screen to see the information on your screen. This action no longer feels as forced as in previous generations of the bracelet.

For more information, you can also check the ‘Status’ menu that gives you the general steps given, distance traveled, calories burned and inactivity alerts.

This is a very good AMOLED panel that offers excellent contrast and vibrant colors. As well as helping to make the fitness tracker look like a premium model.

Its brightness on the screen is set by default with 50% of its value in order to ensure good autonomy. You can modify this data easily, varying the lighting conditions.

The finishes of the new Mi Band make it not so prone to pick up our fingerprints and leave marks. Something that was very palpable even in the Mi Band 3.

You can also use Mi Band 4 to set alarms and timers, such as a stopwatch. As well as to check the weather forecast, play music and view notifications (up to three pages).

General notifications have improved significantly. Its screen is still too narrow to replace that of a smartwatch or that of your phone. At the end of the day, one of the bracelets must guarantee a discreet design and low consumption.

The subject lines of the email will scroll across the top of the screen. But otherwise, you will find around 10 characters that can be displayed on a line. For some people, this means that the text looks downright small with no possibility of increasing the font size.

It is useful to check notifications without having to lift and activate your phone screen constantly but certainly, there is room for improvement here. In WhatsApp, for example, we find that if someone sends us two messages. We can no longer read the content of the individual messages.

Its small screen also implies that the battery indicator is too small to prove useful. It seems that the battery needs a recharge when connected to the Mi Fit application. We could see that there was actually 35% remaining enough for a few more days.

When it is time to recharge the Mi Band 4. It is possible to do it quickly. Which is interesting if we want to continue monitoring any step taken in the day to day as well as our sleep phases.

However, we have the same concerns here that we have always had with Mi Band: it ships with a proprietary USB charger that is not only easy to lose and not so easy to replace. But also requires that the tracker unit be removed from the silicon material bracelet.

Every time you do this, you can weaken the grip, until finally, its adjustment is less consistent. However, in the years we have been testing, only one model has failed us, and when they finally break. You will find that they are easily replaceable at a low price in a wide range of colors and with one size.

You will check that many of the options are available from the screen of the device itself. But you will want to use the Mi Fit companion application to view the data over time and access additional settings.

You can set activity goals, configure inactivity alerts and control which applications can generate errors. You will also want to use the application to configure Bluetooth unlock. Although there is a screen lock option available from the tracker itself and here you will also find a range of screen designs.

My Fit can be synchronized with Google Fit and WeChat, and the ‘Friends’ option in the ‘Settings’ allows you to share relevant information with other Mi Fit users to compete in day-to-day activities.

The new Mi Band could not be easier to use since firmware updates and synchronization are done simply with the start of the application and the tracker. Almost everything else happens automatically without your request. The tracker can be as annoying or as relaxed as you want in terms of alerts and notifications.


At this sales price margin, the new Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is unbeatable. It is full of functionality associated with activity tracking, health, and sleep monitoring. It has a colorful and improved AMOLED screen in terms of functionality and use.

We encourage you to take a look at the solutions of the competition in this article where we analyze the best Fitbit bracelets this year.

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