September 11, 2018

TP-Link Deco M9 Plus review

Deco M9

TP-Link’s Deco M5 earned the editorial tip in our mesh wifi roundup of 2017 thanks to a good range, user-friendly installation and app, and a low price. With the Deco M9 Plus, the Wi-Fi system Deco has a physical and specs update and they also want to conquer the higher segment.

TP-Link Deco M9 Plus


Price: $ 399, – (set of 3)

Connections: 4x 10/100/1000 network connection by satellite

Mesh: WiFi class AC2200; 2.4GHz 2×2, 5 GHz 2×2, 5GHz 2×2. 802.11b / g / n / ac

Possibilities: AP mode, wired backhaul, Guest network, Antivirus, Firewall, Android and iOS App, Zigbee mesh, Bluetooth

Dimensions: 4.5 x 14.5 x 14.5


With their first Deco system, the Deco M5, TP-Link actually ticked all the crucial boxes needed for a successful mesh system. The installation is childishly simple, the app is very user-friendly. There is no hassle with cables and above all, it works just fine. However, there is one relevant limitation to the affordable AC1200-AC1750 class mesh solutions that the M5 is one of, and that is the lack of an extra band for the interconnections between the different satellites.

It was, therefore, waiting for a system such as the Deco M9 Plus which belongs to the AC2200 class Deco with which TP-Link added an extra tire. This will result in a significant increase in capacity. This is really crucial if you go online simultaneously with an active internet family. The Deco M9 Plus can also use the various data streams smartly, depending on where it is needed. The result is that the new Deco M9 Plus is the best performing AC2200 set we have tested so far. Also, the addition of 802.11r roaming, actually seamless roaming through your house, can enjoy our approval.

Focus on possibilities


Also, the versatility is striking, we see an AP mode and wired backhaul option. A pleasant possibility and a strong performance boost when a part of your house is wired. A guest network is available, there are good parent options to limit the use of the Internet by children and there is also a security package from Trend Micro that protects you against the dangers. You do not call this a full replacement for an antivirus package on your computer, but it works as an extra shield against malicious websites.

If you are considering making your home smarter, the added Zigbee mesh may be a plus. There are many smart devices available that can then connect directly to your network. Making a smart home just a little more accessible, especially if you then connect with Alexa and IFTTT. The downside of all that is that the Deco M9 Plus has become a pricey AC2200 set. Over 100 euros above the Orbi RBK23 is very strong. Which for people looking for mere “good reach” will undoubtedly be a stumbling block. TP-Link says that prices will drop. Which is not unlikely given their reputation.


An excellent and balanced Wi-Fi mesh system that makes the competition shine. The ball now lies with TP-Link to ensure that we can say the same for the price in the AC2200 class


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