March 31, 2019

The best controls of Xbox One of 2019

Xbox One

The official control of the Xbox One, developed by Microsoft. It is one of the best you can buy. However, we offer in this article a collection of market alternatives that are positioned as the best controls for Xbox One.

The Xbox One is marketed together with a control of a great quality which is included in the price of the console. It is without a doubt, one of the best gamepads that have ever been manufactured with the additional advantage of being compatible with PC games.

The official wireless control of the Xbox One presents a recommended price of $ 149 with the incentive that it is possible to exchange the position of the sticks to suit the user. With different spare parts of different sizes.

Without a doubt, the Elite Wireless Xbox One control guarantees the best user experience, but it is good to know other alternatives, many of which turn out to be cheaper. Let’s see a whole series of models manufactured by third brands.

While the Xbox One was released to the market as the most expensive console on the market, with the passage of time, its sale price has been compared to the rest, as is the case of the PS4 whose price is at $ 314.90, or that of the Nintendo Switch that amounts to $298.

1. Xbox Design Lab

$ 79.99

Xbox Design Lab

If you are looking for an official Xbox One control that is unique, the option is to acquire one of the models marketed by Microsoft itself, called Design Lab since you become part of the design.

It has the peculiarity that you can customize it to your liking, changing the color and finish and combining the colors of the keypads with those of the finishes of the knob of the control. Through the Microsoft website, you can see the result in real-time to modify the colors.

As with the official model, the Xbox One Design Lab control features Bluetooth wireless connectivity and works with 2 AA rechargeable batteries. It also has a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack to connect headphones.

2. Xbox One Elite Wireless

$ 149.99

The official price is to think twice, but if you really want to have a significant advantage when running your games, the Xbox One Elite provides all the most advanced features you can find in a remote.

Along with its elegant finish in black and chrome, the triggers and sticks offer an unusual sensitivity. The pieces are magnetic, which facilitates the replacement or reassignment of the same.

Also, the texture of the body of the control facilitates the grip in a way that encourages long or intense game sessions. It is marketed with its own transport case, with space for the control and for all the elements that are interchangeable.

Against it, the fact that it is the most expensive control for the Xbox One, exceeding $ 100, despite which. It continues to work with AA batteries instead of including other types of batteries of longer duration.

3. Evil Shift for Xbox One

$ 119.99

Evil Shift for Xbox One

The command that the company offers us for the Xbox One console is part of a great brand that is well known among gaming enthusiasts. In fact, it has an exclusive system of removable pallets that condition the control for certain games.

Said pallets are mounted near the handle coinciding with the location of the fingers. Facilitating their activation from almost any angle to improve response times.

The control also has activators as a fork. They are not adjustable like those of other controls, but the tension of the trigger has been reduced by 50% without restricting its functionality.

The stickers of the thumbs are also interchangeable with three different sizes to gain in accuracy depending on the physiognomy of your fingers. Its final price is higher than the average, but with extras that must be valued.

4. Scuf Infinity1 Xbox One

$ 129.95

Scuf Infinity1 Xbox One

In essence, the Scuf brand offers an advanced control system for the Xbox One that has a patented palette system as standard. Providing a fast and comfortable way to react without delays.

In essence, the Scuf Infinity1 offers everything that the Microsoft Design Lab offers, such as custom triggers. Body and analog sticks, and much more. The electromagnetic reassignment allows changing the functions of the palette on the fly with the use of a key called EMR.

We can also change the analog sticks with the company’s Infinity Ring and Lock system. An included an accessory that is used to quickly remove analog sticks from the controller.

The adjustable trigger is the sublime coronation of the Scuf control. With the adjustment in its mechanism and in the pressure that is necessary to apply. This allows modifying the position of the triggers to obtain the desired performance.

5. Xbox One Adaptive Controller

$ 99.99

Xbox One Adaptive Controller

It is a somewhat peculiar command, designed to deploy movements by users with limited mobility. Making it also a hub to connect all kinds of peripherals such as buttons, pedals, control levers or joysticks. External to make the games more accessible.

The central device has a large D-pad and two large buttons. Designed to make it easy to roll the hand or limb on the surface allowing greater mobility or coordination.

As a connection hub, the Xbox Adaptive Controller has more than 21 inputs on the top. While on the sides it has USB connectors and headphone output to bring it closer to the user.

It is possible to use the Xbox Accessories app on Xbox One or Windows 10 to further customize it. The experience through the re-assignment of buttons and profiles.

Create several command profiles in the app itself and switch instantly between three of them with the integrated ‘Profile’ button. All a success the development of Microsoft thinking about people with disabilities or reduced mobility.

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