April 15, 2019

The 6 best soundbar of 2019

If you want to improve the sound of your television, you will want to buy a soundbar. In this article, we put together the best sound bars of 2019 so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

The sound bars or soundbars offer an audio quality for your TV that will match the good quality of the image of your TV.

These elongated devices are designed to be placed under, in front of or on top of the television. They contain two or more speakers, some also come with a separate subwoofer that produces the most serious sounds, and others bring it integrated into the same device.

Purchase guide for the best sound bars of 2019

Many users are not satisfied with the quality of sound that is given with television, and at the same time, feel lazy when having to think of buying different sound devices with cables that run throughout the living room.

The sound bars or soundbars can be the perfect solution to achieve better sound quality without having to install different devices throughout the room.

What characteristics should a sound bar have?

You have to take into account the way in which the soundbar will connect to your television. The most common method is to use an optical cable, also known as Toslink.

Most modern TVs support this type of connection, but it is something we recommend to check before buying a soundbar. Some soundbars also have an HDMI input, which will do the same paper as a Toslink connection.

Check also that this sound output can route all the audio from different connected devices such as Blu-ray, game consoles or the internal TV tuner.

In this way, to be able to listen to audio coming from all your devices you will only need to connect a cable that goes to your soundbar.

Most soundbars have other inputs, including a 3.5mm minijack and/or stereo-jack connectors. These take analog sources and allow you to play audio from almost any device, including smartphones and tablets.

However, if you prefer the convenience of playing music wirelessly from any mobile device, we recommend that you check that the soundbar has a Bluetooth connection.

Note that unless both your mobile device and the sound bar are compatible with aptX, the default codec within the A2DP standard, the sound quality will not be as good.

Should I buy a subwoofer separate from the soundbar?

A loose soundbar will not be able to offer full-range sound, so many come with subwoofers that can be purchased separately.

The subwoofer produces the deep bass that will allow you to fully enjoy the special effects of the movies, especially if they are active. Although for movies in which dialogues predominate, subwoofers will hardly be necessary.

The subwoofers can be active or passive. Passive models do not have a built-in amplifier, so they do not require power and they depend on an additional amplifier to the sound bar.

Active subwoofers have their own amplifier, so they require an external power supply. However, they can receive audio wirelessly so they can be placed away from the soundbar without having to rely on cables.

What specifications are most important in a sound bar?

Do not look only at the amplifier power figure that is given by the brand of the product because in the end, the power of the watts does not translate directly into the volume, the sensitivity of the speaker also depends on other factors.

If you are looking for a convincing sound effect, we recommend you to read different reviews about the speaker or sound bar in which you are interested instead of reading only the specifications given by the manufacturers of the product.

Do not confuse either ‘3D sound’ or ‘spatial sound’ with surround sound. Some sound bars do use Dolby Virtual Speaker technology, while others use their own terminology to try to define something similar to this technology.

Sonos Playbar

$ 699

Sonos PlaybarAlthough the Playbar soundbar has been around for a long time, it is still one of our favorite models in the market. It was the company’s first attempt to achieve that much-desired home cinema effect.

With an amplifier for each of its nine drivers (six midrange and three tweeters), you can expect exceptional sound quality, regardless of whether you are “watching” or “listening”.

Although it is very expensive, its quality is worth it. To its fantastic sound quality, we must add the aesthetics of its careful design. Sonos is a brand of sound devices of great confidence, and without a doubt, they show it with this soundbar model.

Technical specifications:
  • 3.0 soundbar
  • 9x D-class amplifiers
  • Optical S / PDIF input
  • Wireless Ethernet / SonosNet port
  • 85mm x 900mm x 140mm
  • 5.4kg
  • Optional wall mount

Orbitsound ONE P70WOrbitsound ONE P70W

$ 557.48

The ONE P70W is, without a doubt, a very good speaker. The quality of the sound you play will be good whether you use it to play TV sound or if you decide to put it on a shelf and play music via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from any of your devices.

The body of the speaker is created with “engineered” wood and with metal on the top, front and sides. The logo of the brand can be removed and rotated 180 degrees, so that it is always in the correct position, regardless of the orientation of the speaker.

At one end there are buttons to control the volume and a simple LED display (also reversible) in which the volume, bass and treble levels are shown, along with indicators that let you know which input is being used.

Thanks to the proximity of the front drivers, the clarity of the voices reproduced in this soundbar are excellent. By having a smaller body, the bass is not as powerful as in other models, but even so, for a soundbar, they are still good.

It is a pity that the possibility of using wifi connection adds almost € 100 more compared to the model without P10 wifi. But even at its final price, this sound bar is able to compete with other much more expensive models of soundbars.

Technical specifications:

  • Multi-purpose sound bar
  • Bluetooth
  • TOSLINK optical cable entry
  • Input 3.5mm minijack
  • Weight 5.1kg
  • Dimensions: 77 x 700 x 173mm (HWD)
  • Infrared remote control
  • 200mm VESA bosses
  • Wall mount kit, optical cable, and analog cable included

Q Acoustics M3 SoundbarQ Acoustics M3 Soundbar

$ 199

The Q M3 soundbar is a quality device. It has a wide variety of connection options, elegant design and a more than reasonable price. The sound experience that this soundbar offers you is apt to enjoy watching movies or listening to music.

The design is the first of the features that strikes the attention of this sound bar since the soundbar currently available in the market tend to have all a very similar design: compact, elongated and rectilinear structures.

However, the Q M3 surprises us with a slightly curved design that offers elegance and originality at the same time compared to other models.

Do not forget what is really important: the sound. And to the point, the Q M3 soundbar offers incredible sound quality. The 100×150 mm dual coil subwoofer offers deep, resonant bass that is impressive for a soundbar.

Undoubtedly, this soundbar is worth it; especially if you are interested in the most serious sounds to make rumble the floor of your house.

Technical specifications:

  • Multi-purpose sound bar
  • Bluetooth
  • TOSLINK optical cable entry
  • 3.5mm minijack aux input
  • NFC input
  • 100 x 150mm subwoofer
  • 58 x 58mm drivers
  • Weight: 4.0kg
  • Dimensions: 70 x 1000 x 125mm (HWD)
  • Infrared remote control
  • Wall mount, HDMI cable (2m) and main cables included

Samsung HW-M450Samsung HW-M450

$ 279

If you have a somewhat tighter budget, the soundbar Samsung HW-M450 can be a good option. Although there are better sound bars on the market, this model offers good quality if you consider its price.

The HW-M450 is a classic soundbar designed to be used together with a wireless subwoofer to reproduce bass sounds. Its design is compact, suitable to be placed on the wall and go unnoticed.

As we explained before, many sound bars offer an “all in one” sound, but if you prefer a more traditional system, we recommend this Samsung model.

This means that the subwoofer that will play the most intense bass comes separately, while the soundbar itself carries the stereo speakers, with four drivers that make up the whole that reaches a pretty decent power of 320W.

In general, you get a decent sound that will undoubtedly improve the sound offered by standard TV speakers.

Technical specifications:

  • 2.1 systems
  • Led screen
  • Optical S / PDIF
  • 3.5mm minijack (aux)
  • HDMI input
  • HDMI output (with audio return)
  • USB
  • Bluetooth
  • 320W
  • Active/wireless 7in subwoofer
  • Remote control
  • Surround sound mode
  • Dimensions (soundbar): 907x90x100mm – (subwoofer): 68x391x375mm

Sonos Playbase

Sonos Playbase$ 699

We know, the Sonos Playbase is quite expensive, and there are other cheaper options in the market (you can find some examples in this list). However, Sonos products mean assured quality.

The design of this soundbar is also quite original compared to the rest of the models on the market. The main key of their difference is that you can support the TV on this device, instead of placing it in front of it (something that can be very useful if you do not have much space).

Sonos allows you to have speakers throughout the house to enjoy a sound experience that invades the entire house. You can play content easily from sites like Spotify or Google Play Music.

The sound quality, the design, and the additional tools of this sound bar make it worthwhile (if you can afford it).

Technical specifications:

  • 3x tweeters
  • 6x mid-range woofers
  • 1x Subwoofer
  • 10x D-class amplifiers
  • Optical S / PDIF ticket
  • Wireless Ethernet / SonosNet port
  • Wifi
  • Touch controls
  • Compatible with TVs up to 35kg
  • 720x380x58mm
  • 8.6kg

BlitzWolf BW-SDB2BlitzWolf BW-SDB2

$ 149.99

The soundbar BW-SDB2 is the second model that BlitzWolf launches to the market and as usual, has managed to surprise us for good. The brand is characterized by offering an excellent quality-price ratio and a premium design that radiates quality.

This time, BlitzWolf gives you the possibility to buy a subwoofer next to the sound bar to get more powerful bass, but if not, the bar itself is good enough to improve the sound quality of any television or to animate any party.

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  • Size: 900 x 98 x 60 mm
  • Speaker units: high frequency 1 inch x2 / middle range 2.75 inches x2 / bass 2.75 inches x2 / low frequency x2
  • Power: 60W
  • Frequency: 60-20 Hz
  • Degree of separation: 45 dB
  • S / N: 78 dB
  • Ports: Coaxial, optical, auxiliary port, USB, wireless Bluetooth
  • Input voltage: 110V-240V 50 / 60Hz
  • Weight: 3.4 kg

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