Is your connection slow? Seven tricks to improve the speed of the internet

Today there is nothing more frustrating than a slow Internet because when your Internet connection is not able to open a specific page we can lose our temper. To not get to that point and try to improve your Internet connection step by step, we propose the following computer tricks of walking around the house […]

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This way you stop annoying advertising on the internet

Complaints on the internet are blood-irritant, right? Well, we do not think so as makers of magazines and websites we also offer to advertise. We do, however, believe that advertising is something that must be handled with care and that absolutely no one should be harassed. And it just goes wrong there, and then advertising […]

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The Best 20 useful tools for your network

As long as everything works optimally, a (wireless) network is absolutely handy. Sometimes, however, unexpected problems arise: the connection falters, you have forgotten the password, the network traffic is suspiciously busy or you find it difficult to manage all networked devices. We handle 20 handy tools for your network! The last five focuses on the […]

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