October 7, 2018

How to switch between multiple Instagram accounts

Instagram accounts

Many people have multiple Instagram accounts. One personal and one for their company or association for example. Do you also want to create a second Instagram account? We explain to you step by step how to do that.

Create an account

To create a second account, open the Instagram app on your smartphone. Then go to your profile by tapping your photo in the bottom right corner. Your account name is at the top of the list. Press and select Add account. To create a brand new account, tap Register at the bottom. Then you continue by pressing Register with the phone number or e-mail address. Follow the instructions on the screen: enter your e-mail address, enter an account name and choose a password. Do you also use Facebook? Then you can possibly link your Instagram account to Facebook to quickly score some followers. Finally, you can also add a profile photo to your new account. Complete with Done.

Share account

Do you want to manage one Instagram account with multiple people? Then one person follows step 1 and makes an account with a joint e-mail address. Then the person will share the used email address and password with the other managers. They can then log in with their data on their device.


The most important thing to know if you have two Instagram accounts. How to switch from one account to another. Fortunately, this is very simple: you click on the bottom right of your profile picture and then at the top left of the current account name. Then you get an overview of the accounts with which you can log in. Choose one from the list to continue. Do you not use a certain account after a while? Then you can unsubscribe by first switching to the relevant account, tapping the three dots in the upper right corner and choosing the bottom of the Account Name Logout list at the bottom. Confirm with Logout.

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