October 11, 2018

How to stay up to date with Google Alerts

Google Alerts

Would you like to stay informed about a specific topic? For example about everything that has to do with the iPhone X? Or are you a fan of the Raspberry Pi? Or Fc Barcelona? You can, of course, search daily for news about that subject. Or you use Google Alerts and leave the search to the search giant.

Google account

Google continually indexes all content that appears on the world wide web. Thanks to Google Alerts, you receive notifications via e-mail for articles that interest you. All you need is a Google account. Do not you have that yet? Then you can create it for free. Just follow the wizard to create your account and a corresponding e-mail address.


Then surf to google.com/alerts. Google is already presenting some news items on this page. You can type keywords yourself in the ‘Make a report’ box, for example, ‘noise-canceling headphones’. If you are not yet logged in, you also enter your e-mail address. You immediately get an overview of messages that are neatly split into different categories such as News, Blogs, and Web. Now click on Create notification to receive an e-mail at most once a day with an overview of all kinds of messages about the keyword you have chosen. Of course, you can enter more than one keyword. This way you can easily keep track of what appears online about yourself by giving your first and last name together as one keyword.


When you insert a keyword, you can add a number of personal preferences via the View Options button. For example, you choose how often you want to receive messages in your mailbox. It is even possible to choose the sources: blogs, news, web, financial,… You can also set the language and region of the messages yourself. Via how much do you choose between only the best results and all results? Then click on Create notification and you will see an overview of all the set messages on the start page. You can of course change or delete them at any time.


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