March 16, 2019

How to save mobile data on ios and android

save mobile data

If you are tired of receiving surprise bills from your mobile phone company because every month you exceed your data consumption, take good note of these technology tricks to save mobile data on iOS and Android.

Tricks to save mobile data and not overpay

Although it has been years since the mobile phone companies established flat rates for calls from mobiles and landlines or flat internet rates. This has not yet happened with flat rates for mobile data.

Therefore, it is very common that if you have contracted X gigs of mobile data and for any reason. You run out before the end of the month. The phone company ends up charging you an extra cost on your bill for having consumed more data.

If you want to save mobile data so you never miss the maximum consumption you have hired, do not miss these simple tricks:

1. Eye with the browser!

Although it may seem somewhat banal, the browser that we use with our mobile phone may involve a greater or lesser consumption of mobile data in each monthly invoice. In the case of Chrome (Google browser), although it is one of the most popular and most used worldwide. When we use it on the mobile it can mean a higher cost of mobile data if we have not configured it correctly.

To do this, you have to enter the tab ‘app settings’ at the bottom, and mark the option ‘bandwidth’. This option will allow you to choose if you want to load web pages only with Wifi or if on the contrary. You want to do it with your data rate.

If dispense with Chrome is not going to be a big trauma. Then you can choose a browser more adapted to the mobile version, as is the case of Opera Mini. Specially designed to reduce data consumption when surfing the Internet with your mobile.

2. Updates only if you have Wifi

It is obvious that every update we make with the mobile phone spends a large number of mobile data on our rate. Therefore, another trick to keep in mind is that whenever you can update your mobile. When you can connect to a Wi-Fi network.

If you want to update the apps of an iOS mobile, just go to the ‘settings’ menu – iTunes Store and AppStore. Uncheck here the box ‘use mobile data’ and thus avoid automatic updates.

If your mobile is Android you just have to go to the Google Play settings and select the automatic updates tab. From here, you just have to check that the updates are made through Wifi.

If you are only going to make updates with wi-fi. You should take care of where you do it. It is advisable to know the tips to connect to public Wi-Fi network safely. If we do not want to have surprises in the future.

3. Beware of the Facebook app

If you can not live without the Facebook app on your mobile phone because you usually use it every day. You will be interested to know that this application is a black hole for the consumption of data on our bill. However, Facebook has contemplated this possibility and offers us the option to save mobile data when we download your app.

You only have to enter the ‘configuration’ menu (at the top of the screen on the right), and from there you will see that you have an option called ‘data saving’. Enter this tab and activate automatic data saving.

4. Compress data

Mobile phones today have become really hard drives in which we store all types of data. Graphic documents, videos, photos, reading files … etc. But if you want to save on your mobile data consumption. It is essential that you compress many of the data stored on your mobile. For this, there are some apps like ‘Onavo Extend’ that will be responsible for performing this task.

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