February 21, 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 check the official TV commercial


About a day after the Galaxy S10 debut is shown through a TV commercial that knows a lot about the officer. Here’s where to see it in all its duration.

It is likely that there will not be too many surprises at the launch of the Galaxy S10. Not so much because it will not be a valid device. But above all, because we already know a lot about it. If there was a Guinness for this type of record probably Galaxy S10. Would have won the award as a smartphone with fewer secrets to the launch. We have already known a plethora of details and to these. We add a new leak that leaves very little room for doubt.

To these is added a new leak, a video that portrays a television. Which is broadcast what seems without much doubt the TV Spot of Samsung Galaxy S10 in all its glory designed for Norwegian television. For absurd it seems that the spot has escaped TV2. One of the largest commercial networks in the Scandinavian country. And shows some of the peculiarities of the device display with a hole, without a notch, ultrasonic glass sensor, triple camera at the rear and wireless charging for external devices.

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