October 15, 2018

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Review


The range of security cameras is large both inside and outside. Which was taken over earlier this year by Amazon, belongs to the more well-known brands. In this Ring Spotlight Cam review. We test the high-end security camera with many possibilities.

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery 
Price:€ 209, - (Optional solar panel € 59, -)
Colors:Black or white
Battery:Included, extra battery available for 25 euro
Camera:140 Degree viewing angle, 1080p video, night vision
Wifi:802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz
Other:110db siren, adjustable motion sensors, weatherproof

We started with the Spotlight Cam Battery model with a supplied battery. Ring also sells a wired version that works via a weather-resistant power cable. The models are also identical and cost $ 209  each. The Battery variant offers space for an extra battery ($199) that takes over when the first battery is empty. According to Ring battery lasts for six to twelve months, depending on your use. Charging takes a few hours and goes via a micro USB cable.

Ring also sells a small solar panel ($ 59) that can be linked to the battery version of the Spotlight Cam. The connection is via a long, weather-resistant power cable that you attach to the back of the camera. The solar panel is tilted able and can be hung using screws supplied with it.

Set up Ring Spotlight Cam

Setting up the Spotlight Cam is simple and does not take long. Charge the battery, put it in the camera and press the button on the top to activate the pairing mode. With the Ring app (Android and iOS) you link the camera to your existing or new account and indicate when it should (not) be recorded. Then you hang the camera in the desired location. The necessary tools are delivered neatly.

Ring app is in English

If the camera hangs and is active, you can view live images in the Ring app and set up a number of extra things. It is also possible to connect the camera to other Ring cameras and doorbells. The app is well-organized and works properly, although it is unfortunate that it can only be used in English. Also, note that when you create a Ring account you agree with the conditions of the American company. Among other things, these conditions state that your data is ‘available to parties outside the European Union’.

Recording options

The Ring Spotlight Cam starts filming as soon as the motion sensors detect detection. The camera films in 1080p resolution. In the dark, the Spotlight Cam uses infrared sensors for night vision. The image quality is excellent in all situations, and the security camera captures a large part of the environment due to the large viewing angle of 140 degrees. The downside of that wide-angle lens is that the image is bolted, causing, for example, walls to look a bit crooked. When motion is recorded in the dark. The recording starts and the two LED spotlights to start to deter unwanted visitors and get them to the film better.

It is nice that the camera records and plays sound. If there is a suspicious person in your garden, you can not only hear the person talking. You can also give a warning via the app which then blares out of the Spotlight Cam’s loudspeaker. Does that have no effect? Then activate the 110-decibel siren: it is so loud that the half street notices something is wrong.

Subscription required

A disadvantage of Ring’s smart doorbells and security cameras is that you need a subscription to take advantage of all the possibilities. Without a subscription, you have access to the most important functions, including live images and notifications. With a subscription of thirty Euros per year, you can watch video recordings from one doorbell or camera up to sixty days. A subscription of 100 Euros per year allows you to view recordings of an unlimited number of Ring devices up to 60 days. In addition, you receive a ten percent discount on the Ring webshop and extended warranty.

Everything goes via the internet

A number of competing for security cameras, including Netgear Arlo models, let you store images on a microSD card. The Ring Spotlight Cam does not have that option and uses your Wi-Fi connection to store the images in Rings (paid) cloud environment. That is not just a pity for those who prefer to use an SD card and/or have privacy concerns; local storage does not need wifi. To use the Spotlight Cam, a stable and fairly fast Wi-Fi connection is required. That is something to take into account.


Ring Spotlight Cam Battery


  • Small enough to fit almost anywhere
  • Easy to set up and needs little maintenance
  • Integrates nicely with the rest of Ring’s products


  • Construction feels cheap
  • Disposable batteries are less than ideal
  • Motion sensitivity isn’t as good as the cams


The Ring Spotlight Cam is a comprehensive security camera for outdoor use. With its good (night vision) camera, spotlights, audio options and siren you have plenty of opportunities to monitor and deter unwanted guests. It is nice that you can expand the Spotlight Cam with accessories and that it is compatible with other Ring products. It is a pity that the camera only works via WiFi and that you have to take out a subscription if you want to make use of all possibilities.


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