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Review Samsung Galaxy A70: first impressions

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We tell you our first impressions about the Samsung Galaxy A70, one of the new Samsung smartphones with three cameras and a OLED screen at a very affordable price.

Samsung Galaxy A70: is it worth your purchase?

The Samsung Galaxy A70 is a mid-range phone at a good price with good specifications. It has an AMOLED screen of 6.7 inches, something that is incredible for the price it has, leaving other phones with similar prices wrong.

The triple cameras also impress, while the expandable storage of 128 GB shows that the most outstanding features can be obtained for much less money than other devices require.

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Review Samsung Galaxy A70: first impressions

The Samsung Galaxy A70 is a good mid-range phone that can be purchased for € 399 that differs from the A80 for cameras and specifications.

With a large and striking screen, a headphone jack and tons of RAM and storage, this triple camera phone could be one of the best midrange phones on the market.

In this article, we collect our first practical impressions of the launch event in Milan after its announcement at the beginning of the year.Galaxy A70

Price and availability of the Galaxy A70

The Samsung Galaxy A70 will cost € 399, a price quite similar to other similar smartphones like the Honor 10 that costs € 369.

Design of the Galaxy A70

Although it is possible that the A70 does not win any design prize, it is more expensive than the price suggests (the reflections of our photos under the light are more visible to the camera than to the naked eye).

Unfortunately, Samsung describes the material on the back as “glass tic” (glass and plastic in English, that is, glass and plastic). This means that it is made of plastic, but that it has some glass, which is why the fingerprints remain when you pick it up.

As for the finishes, it is available in black, white, blue and coral.

A great victory is the AMOLED screen of 6.7 in 1080p. You may not be able to find a better one on a smartphone at this price. Samsung makes the best OLED displays and the screen on the Galaxy A70 is ridiculously good.Galaxy A70

Triple cameras

The three cameras on the back of the A70 do not move from one side to the other to take selections like the A80, but they seem to be pretty good in their own right.

They have a 32Mp main sensor paired with an 8Mp wide-angle and a 5Mp depth sensor.

This means that you can shoot in portrait mode, although we found that in low light conditions the results were quite blurry (automatic mode worked better).

However, that wide-angle lens is fantastic to be in a mid-range phone and shows that Samsung is willing to take the functions of its high-end S10 to cheaper phones (even if the hardware and parts are not so good ones).

The front camera has a generous 32Mp and is housed in a tear-shaped notch at the top of the screen.Galaxy A70

Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A70

Inside the phone, you will find 6 or 8 GB of RAM paired with 128 GB of expandable storage. Combine it with the excellent screen and you will get an excellent phone designed to last.

The software One UI based on Android Samsung 9 ft is also present and it worked quickly and efficiently in time we could try the phone.

Everything improves with its battery of 4,500mAh with a fast charge from Samsung. Making us reaffirm once again the idea that this is a great mid-range phone at an excellent price.

A Snapdragon 670 processor powers the phone, a processor not as powerful as others. Which is a shame, but we will confirm its performance on the phone in our full review.

However, the 600 series is well known for its good energy efficiency, so we could have a champion of battery life in our hands.

Obviously, since it is not a high-end phone, you will not get premium features such as wireless charging or water resistance, but there is a fingerprint sensor on the screen.

Early verdict

Although the Galaxy A80 has been launched at the same time and has better specifications and cameras, the A70 seems, at the moment, to be a better purchase option because of its value for money. It has an incredible OLED screen, three cameras, and a very good battery.

Samsung has many mid-range phones available, but the A70 is known for being one of the best price offers. Soon we can offer you the complete review of the phone so you can know more about its specifications and features.

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