August 1, 2019

Review Amazon Kindle Oasis

amazon kindle oasis

Amazon has updated the Amazon Kindle Oasis 2019 and we tell you our experience after days of using the best Amazon e-book reader. Do the new features justify its price? We tell you if it is worth buying the new Kindle Oasis.


Review Amazon Kindle Oasis

Retail price from $ 249.99

Amazon periodically updates its range of eReaders and now it is the turn of this year’s Kindle Oasis premium model. It does not differ much from the previous version, but the 2019 one provides screen lighting in adjustable warm tones for the same price.

Years ago the Kindle family might have been somewhat complicated to the position but today, the portfolio consists of three models: the standard Kindle the Kindle Paperwhite model and the top of the Kindle Oasis range.

Thanks to the various updates implemented in the two entry-level models. We find it difficult to justify the price of the Kindle Oasis. However, if you want the best use and viewing experience this should be your quintessential e-book reader.

We have always been fascinated by the Amazon Oasis for offering differentiating aspects from the rest of the models. As usual, Amazon says that “everything is new” in this version, but not this time.

If you are one of those who guide you in terms of generations this is the tenth generation model of all the Kindle and the third that corresponds to the Oasis family.

Amazon Kindle Oasis Specifications

screen 7 “, 300 DPI, 25 grayscale tones
Storage 8 GB / 32 GB
Certification IPX8 (2 meters deep and 60 minutes)
Drums 6 weeks or 21 hours of continuous reading
Connectivity WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth, 4G (optional)
Connector Micro USB
Dimensions 159 x 141 x 3.4-8.4 mm
Weight 188 grams


Amazon Kindle Oasis (2019)


  • High-resolution e-ink display offers paper-like crispness
  • Warm lighting is a lot more comfortable on the eyes
  • Premium build quality
  • IPX8 certified


  • MicroUSB charging
  • No 5GHz WiFi
  • Expensive

In terms of assessment, and taking into account that many people take advantage of the extra-large screens of their smartphones to read the content. We like to have the best device option to fully enjoy reading moments.

The owners of previous Kindle Oasis models will have few excuses that justify the purchase of the new model, and more taking into account the investment made at the time by the previous generation.

However, despite the few changes the new warm light display option is an update that seems necessary for readers who devour books. Surely Amazon will transfer this option to the rest of Kindle models.

If you are wondering if it is worth acquiring the Oasis, or opt for another one at half the price, in this model you will assess the greater ergonomics for long reading times, the forward and backward page buttons, the lighting with automatic adjustment ( now with warm light) and the biggest screen.

For most people, we suspect that Oasis will be expensive. The Paperwhite remains the key point, with good screen lighting for night reading, as well as being impervious to liquids.

All other things being equal, keep the fact that the Kindle Oasis model will provide you with greater mobility thanks to its 7-inch screen. While the Kobo Forma has more viewing area at a cost of $ 30 more.

Design and construction

As we have already mentioned, you will not physically notice changes between this edition of Kindle Oasis and the previous one. So we do not have much more to add about the Kindle Oasis design of 2019. Amazon has kept it aesthetically identical also in materials and finishes.

If you are new to the Oasis model, you should know that you are buying an eReader model with an aluminum chassis and premium finishes available in Graphite or Gold colors. Fortunately, the front edge of the metal has now been revised so as not to present sharp parts as it did with the sample unit we had in 2017.

Unlike other Kindle, it is characterized by an ergonomic wedge-shaped finish. So that most of the weight will fall on your hand. Which reduces fatigue in long reading sessions.

You should know whether you are right or left-handed. You can configure it to hold it with one hand or another. The adjustment of the screen orientation is automatic, and you can also adjust the keypad helped by the system settings.

The Oasis also has 2 physical buttons to turn the page or go back. Something we appreciate and that you can combine with the on-screen press. It is also waterproof with IPX8 certification. So you can read in the bathroom or in similar situations without worrying. As it can withstand immersions of up to two meters deep in freshwater for an hour.

What we miss is that Amazon no longer manufactures a magnetic case for the Oasis (at least so far), that which adheres perfectly to the thinnest part of the device. We really liked this solution in the previous model. The new models wrap the entire Kindle so that they do not take advantage of the use of the wedge shape.

You can still find some of the old ones we mentioned. Although they fit the Oasis 2019, the magnets are not fixed on the back. We imagine that this is the reason why the device is 6 grams lighter, but we really preferred to have those magnets.

Specifications and features

Nor has the hardware that prevails inside changed much over the Kindle Oasis of the previous year. The eReaders, as a rule, are now simpler compared to a smartphone. So there are no cameras, fingerprint scanners or additional card slots.

Thus, the new Kindle Oasis 2019 has a 7-inch electronic ink touch screen with a pixel density of 300 dpi. It is the same sharpness as the other Kindle’s screen, but the screen is an inch larger, which means you can display more words on a page display.

The built-in light is also of higher quality with 25 LEDs compared to only 5 LEDs in the Paperwhite model and 4 in the most elementary Kindle. It is a considerable difference since the light on the screen is much more uniform and automatically adjusts if you wish.

The great update of the Kindle Oasis 2019 is that the light now has an adjustable warm light tint. It is similar to what many smartphones have implemented, changing the display color of the screen from white to amber. Like the brightness level, you can adjust it to 24 different levels.

It is not scientifically proven, but we agree that reducing the incidence of blue light in your eyes makes reading more comfortable and less stressful, especially if you do it at night. It is a good solution, although not as innovative.

In another order of things, Kindle Oasis 2019 still retains the kind of things to expect in a top-of-the-range model, with plenty of storage space for thousands of books. Only those users who devour audiobooks with large amounts of audio will need the 32 GB model.

Connectivity and autonomy

You also have Bluetooth connectivity to connect headphones or even a speaker with which to listen to audiobooks. Some will prefer the mini-jack connector option for headphones, but this is a matter of taste. This model already ignores it.

Battery life, although it always counts, does not become a big problem in this type of eReader products. Keep the data that you will have approximately six weeks of use with an average reading of 30 minutes daily, with the brightness set to 13. In summary, it is 21 hours of continuous reading.

If we were to put a but on the Kindle Oasis model 2019. It would be the fact that Amazon continues to maintain the micro-USB port to charge its battery, instead of updating it and using the standardized USB-C that also adds fast charging.

In this way, the time to carry out a full charge of the Kindle Oasis 2019 will take us an average of three hours. Although it is not something you do constantly. It will probably be at least a month before you do it. Then remember to have the micro-USB cable handy.

Handling and experience of use

The weight has always been key in these devices, more if we consider that you hold the device for longer times than you usually do with a smartphone.

The greatest ergonomics when it comes to holding the eReader in a more natural way will surely make you spend more time with your device. It is also something remarkable that Amazon has taken into account the community of left-handed users in its design. So that we can all benefit from technological advances.

During our tests, we have verified how the screen refreshment has also improved considerably; speeding up if we take as reference the Kindle or Paperwhite models.

Also, the information shown per page step is far superior to using other Amazon readers, so if you are one of those who like to read with typography and large font size due to presbyopia or tired sight, with the Kindle Oasis everything will be easier.

Beyond the automatic adjustments carried out by the Kindle Oasis. It is appreciated to be able to vary the brightness and warmth manually up to 25 different levels to accommodate the reading to your liking. You will have a wide variety of display modes between cool bluish and warmer tones.

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  1. That said, the new Kindle Oasis (like the old one) is tad bit pricey. The new Kindle PaperWhite that was launched in India last year for Rs 12,999 is a cheaper alternative that offers users almost all the features that the new Kindle Oasis does. It comes with a 6-inch screen and has ample storage space. What’s more interesting is that it comes with IPX8 technology that protects the new Kindle Oasis from water. True, it does not have warmth settings or the 25 LEDs lighting its screen but its screen is well lit and ideal for reading under all reading conditions.

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