March 10, 2019

How to remove the blue Whatsapp check

double blue

One of the most controversial updates of WhatsApp was the one that included the double blue check. The indicator that the other person has read the message. The controversy revolves around the privacy of the users of this popular messaging application that has made life easier for many since if a user had the last connection function disabled. It was very easy to get an idea of when it had been just to check. If I had read the message or not. Luckily, removing the double blue WhatsApp check is very simple. In our technology boards, we show you how to do it.

Remove the double check

To remove the double blue check you just have to open Whatsapp on your phone and follow the itinerary Settings> Account info> Privacy> Reading confirmation, where we will uncheck the box that activates the double blue check. This way we will end this signal in private text messages, and your contacts will not know if you have read your message or not. As with the last connection. It is a reciprocal action so you can not know if your contact has read the last message you sent him.

Remember WhatsApp also offers the possibility to delete a WhatsApp message. If you are fast you can get it before the other person has read it.

How to know if you have read without double check

Although as usual, made the law, made the trap and we have several ways to know if the other person has read our messages or not even if the double blue check does not appear. Needless to say, if only a gray check appears. You have not read it, because, until the appearance of the second gray check. We do not have confirmation that the message has arrived. If you have answered us, it will be evident that you have read it, but there are two other tricks that not all users of WhatsApp know to know if they have read you.

The first one is to send an audio message because even if you have disabled the double blue check will still appear in the voice notes. It is a failure of WhatsApp, a gap that allows us to solve the need to know if someone has read or not a very important message. Of course, we meet again with the same doubts about respect for the privacy of our contacts that appeared. When WhatsApp released the update that included the double blue check.

If you do not want your contacts to know that you have heard their voice notes. You can use the old trick of putting the phone in airplane mode before listening to it. With the airplane mode activated. You can hear that voice message, although when you deactivate it, the double blue check will appear. To avoid this, you can copy the audio -without opening- to a group or chat where you are alone and listen to it from there without the double blue check appearing in the original conversation.

On the other hand, in the groups, the double blue check also appears. Thus, it is enough to send a message to a group in which the person you are interested in is reading it and click first on the message and then on the information. I do know who has read the message and who has received it but not yet he has read it. Some users believe that this strategy will also serve them in private WhatsApp chats. Even if your contact has answered if you have disabled the double-check. It will never appear as read.

One way to take advantage of this information that appears in the groups but not in the private chats is to create a WhatsApp group in which only that contact is found, with which you and WhatsApp do not appear twice. Moreover, although both of you have the blue double check disabled, it will still appear in the groups. Who knows if in your next updates WhatsApp will end these gaps in your privacy.

Meanwhile, the privacy of WhatsApp is still evident. Although we can disable the double blue check. We can get to know what the location of a person through this app is. You did not know? See then what to do to know where a person is through WhatsApp. You will know who lies to you when he talks to you.

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