March 6, 2019

How you can recover data from a damaged pen drive

The USB devices or Pen Drive (also known as pen drive) are a really useful device to store all types of files. There are different capacities, bigger and smaller. Devices that allow you to save from the photos of your last trip to a complete series or several movies and a lot of music. Now, they are not infallible. Sometimes these devices fail and the truth is that it can be a cumbersome problem, especially when you have files that you need to recover at all costs.

Do not worry, there are options to recover the information of a damaged or formatted USB and solve this problem without being a technology expert. We show you how you can recover data from a damaged Pen Drive without going crazy in the process.

Why is information lost from a USB memory?

Although the causes are often unknown, USB memories may stop working and not be readable by our computers. It is possible that you do not read it directly or that it shows an empty folder, without any type of file inside. No trace of our documents.

The causes can be very diverse. For this reason, it is interesting to know what may have happened, to identify the problem and arrive at the best solution. These are the main causes of data loss of a Pen Drive.

  • Format the USB drive or delete folders and files by accident (in this case little can be done).
  • An electrical fault that occurred when the USB memory was connected to your PC.
  • Impossibility to “Remove the unit safely” on your PC.
  • Attack of a virus
  • Too frequent use.
  • Other unknown reasons.

How to recover data from a formatted or damaged Pen Drive

If you have accidentally deleted your USB data, it is time to review these tips to fix a damaged Pen Drive and recover the lost information.

Test with an Antivirus

If you suspect that it is a virus, the most advisable option to fix a damaged USB is to pass an antivirus through the device. Analyze the device first with your antivirus. If you identify a threat, it will inform you and solve it. If not, it will tell you that everything is correct. It is possible that, even if you solve the problem of the virus, you keep appearing the device completely empty. If this happens, calm, there are more options.

View hidden files

It could happen that your device has hidden files. To know if this is correct and correct, you will have to connect your Pen Drive to the computer. You must open the Windows file explorer and make sure that the hidden files are being displayed. To do this, click on the View menu> Show or hide. Check that the Hidden Items box is checked correctly.

Use commands to solve the problem

If this is not fixed, there is another option to recover the data from a formatted or damaged USB. You can open a command prompt window. Once in front of the command line, you will have to write attrib -h -r -s / s / of :\*.*. Replace the letter e. with the letter of the unit that represents your USB memory, which can change on each PC. When the command is written correctly, press Enter for the process to run.

When finished, enter the file browser and see if you can see them. They will be inside an unnamed folder that you can later rename.

Test with other specific programs

If none of this has solved the problem, it is time to look for solutions in third parties. In the market, you will find a lot of specific programs that focus on the recovery of files on external devices to your computer. It is very important that you choose a reliable and professional tool. This is because many low-level programs could damage your lost data even more. Check forums and choose the one that has the best references. If you do not see yourself trained, you can always go to a computer specialist in case the files are of great importance.

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