July 30, 2019

Pokemon game for iOS and Android

The Pokemon Company presented in June in a direct Pokemon Masters. The new game for iOS and Android that offers new types of the battle between coaches and trainers. We explain how to get it.

The Pokemon Company announced the arrival of Pokemon Masters. A new title of the saga that can be used on mobile devices, iOS, and Android.

This new Pokemon game will allow users to battle in a different type of combat. Although we don’t have much more information about it.

We know that the game has been developed by DeNA and will be presented on June 27 at 3:00 p.m. The company has not revealed much about the game. So we will have to wait to learn more details.

Some of the data we have about Pokemon Masters confirm that it will be an RPG game. With real-time battles in which you can participate with other trainers and that the game will be free.

Download Pokemon Masters on iOS and Android

There is still no official download date. Although it is intuited that it could be in August. For now, all you can do is go to Google Play and click on the ‘Pre-register’ button.

Pokemon Direct schedules on Pokemon Masters

The direct one will be in Japanese, it can also be subtitled in English. Next, we offer you the time of emission according to the country in which you are.

  • United States: 09:00 (ET) / 06:00 (PST)
  • Spain: 15:00 (peninsular time)
  • Mexico: 08:00
  • Colombia: 08:00
  • Chile: 09:00
  • Argentina: 10:00
  • Bolivia: 09:00
  • Venezuela: 09:00

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