March 11, 2019

How to place the router to improve wireless connection

wi-fi connection

One of the most frequent questions that we usually ask ourselves when we install a Wi-Fi connection is, in what area of the house we can place the router to always get the best connection to the Internet. Thanks to our advice technology, Discover where to place the router to improve wireless connection at home.

This is the best position of the Wifi router

If you wonder where to locate the wireless router to have the best Internet connection at home you should know. First of all, there are many factors that influence when obtaining a correct signal level. Therefore, consult how to improve the speed of the Internet in a simple way and forget about the slowness of downloads.

Although it may seem simple, choosing the best place in the house to place the router is a task that can take a long time. If you do not want to settle for having the computer in the closest place to the telephone socket and you want to have a good Wi-Fi connection throughout the house, this is all you need to keep in mind:

1. Choose the center of the house

It is a very obvious question but, nevertheless, many telephone companies and the Internet ignore it. In order to have the best possible signal in all corners of the house. It is important to look for the geographic center of the house and install the router in that area.

2. Move the router away from the walls

The Wifi signal is an electromagnetic signal that loses a lot of power. When it encounters an obstacle in its path. In this sense, the load walls and excessively thick walls can cause us to lose signal strength. Therefore, try to place the router as far as possible from the building’s load-bearing walls. This is a good reason to see the quality of the Internet signal diminished. It is also advisable to know if you are stealing the wifi to find out if it is the reason for your bad connection.

3. Remove it from the windows

As with the load-bearing walls, windows are also not the best places to place the router near them. And, when placing the router near a window, most likely part of our Wi-Fi signal goes to the street. It is not used properly inside the house.

4. Monitor the rest of the electromagnetic waves

Being a device that emits electromagnetic waves. It is convenient that the router is away from other appliances that also emit these waves. Microwaves, for example, are devices that can interfere negatively with the Wi-Fi connection; therefore, the kitchen would not be the best place in the house to install the router.

5. Two-story houses

If instead of in a flat, you live in a semi-detached house with two or more floors and you want the sign to reach you equally to the floors above without having to place an extra router or signal amplifier in each floor Then what you should do is place the Wifi router on the floor below the house, and if possible. It is near the staircase that goes up to the upper floors.

In any case, if you can not get the Wifi signal to arrive uniformly throughout the house. You can always use an amplifier or signal intensifier. It is a device that manages the router signal throughout the house just as it does, for example, a television signal repeater.

You can also use an old router that you have at home because some of these devices offer the possibility of operating as a bridge and intensify the Wi-Fi signal that they capture through the main router.

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