October 31, 2018
OnePlus 6T

After not even six months from OnePlus 6 comes the OnePlus 6t version which sees some changes compared to the previous one, above all with a display now without the notch, or at least smaller. We tried it and this is our preview review.

The new OnePlus 6T is finally a reality and the Chinese company presented it just a few moments ago. We at Hardware Upgrade have previewed it and we have been using it for a few days and therefore we can already list the differences with the past OnePlus 6 and especially if there are important improvements.

It was 2014 when OnePlus decided to present its first Smartphone on the market. It’s been five years now but the philosophy of the Chinese company has remained the same. And, today with OnePlus 6T the company tries to provide users with an increasingly high-quality smartphone. OnePlus has accustomed us by now to a double annual appointment modifying sometimes more and sometimes less its present product, perhaps integrating some hardware feature substituted in the last months or improving some features.

And ‘the case of the new OnePlus 6T that does not change its design if not for some small details but introduces important news regarding the use of the Smartphone itself in the daily and certainly will not go unnoticed by users. As we said a few days we have tested the new device and like any self-respecting presentation, OnePlus, has sent us the box with the Smartphone as well as some interesting accessories that users can find for sale with the device.

OnePlus 6T specifications

Price $549 (6GB/128GB), $579 (8GB/128GB), $629 (8GB/256GB)
OS Android 9.0 Pie with OxygenOS CPU Snapdragon 845 RAM 6GB, 8GB Storage 128GB, 256GB Display 6.4-inch AMOLED (2340 x 1080)
Rear Camera 16-MP (f/1.7), 20-MP (f/1.7)
Front Camera 16-MP (f/2.0)
Colors Mirror Black, Midnight Black
Battery Size 3,700 mAh
Size 6.2 x 2.94 x 0.32 inches
Weight 6.52 ounces


OnePlus 6T


  • New fingerprint sensor feels cutting-edge
  • Up-to-date, versatile OS
  • Fast Charge is still great
  • Sleek, premium design
  • Great performance
  • Great battery life


  • Camera’s Nightscape mode needs work
  • Another headphone jack bites the dust
  • Fingerprint sensor needs refinement
  • Poor audio capabilities

The fluidity of the Smartphone is always high. And, the optimization of the hardware with the software allows users to have no delays in accessing applications. As well as moving from one activity to another is easy. Plus OnePlus 6T is equipped with the new OxygenOS 9 which is based on Android 9.0 Pie. Interface designed very much by the OnePlus table that seeks to customize it to make life easier for users, perhaps with some features more than the stock version but that still remains very light without too much distortion.

So many utilities present by the graphics customization of the menu and sub-menus to the possibility. It is given the large display without frames, to use the gesture instead of the buttons on the screen. Swipe in every direction guarantees the return to home as well as the transition from one app to another through multitasking.

Finally, there is also the novelty of the battery that sees an increase compared to OnePlus 6. Here we have a 3.700 mAh amperage that gave us a few tens of minutes more use. We were able to easily reach almost 6 hours of active display. And, we were able to close both the stress day and have some residual battery for the following day. Moreover, as always present the Fast Charge that guarantees ultra-fast charging times.

Here is all the news of the new version

Let’s start from the design first and we can see how the 6T version is practically identical to that passed in the lines. And. that also in this model are minimal but also rounded especially in the back. Here OnePlus has worked really well to offer users a contoured back to give precise ergonomics for use with one hand. Back cover that on the long sides sees a double curvature and that in this version, thanks to the matt finish of the Midnight Black color, it also guarantees an excellent grip.

As said the differences in terms of aesthetics are minimal. And, here we have a OnePlus 6T that increases by 0.4 mm its thickness. And it now becomes 8.2 compared to 7.8 of the first. An inevitable move due to the presence now of a fingerprint sensor below the display that takes up more space. But, that part does not allow the increase in battery capacity.

The rest is virtually identical to OnePlus 6 with the classic switch for notifications in the upper right part of the frame of the device. Then, the on/off button on the same side, the opposite side is the volume rocker and the trolley for the double nanoSIM but no expander of memory. On the lower side, on the other hand, there is one of the most important innovations of this version of OnePlus 6T. And, that is the latest generation USB-C port and on the sides the holes for the microphone and the speaker but no hole for the classic 3.5mm jack. OnePlus in this new generation has decided to abandon it even if, as they told us in the company, it was a tough choice and difficult to take but inevitable with changes in design and choices of users who prefer Bluetooth headphones or USB cable- C.

New display with “drop” notch

Technically we are in the presence of a 6.41-inch Optic AMOLED display with Full HD resolution (2.340×1.080 pixels) and form factor 19.5: 9and protected by a Gorilla Glass 6. The quality of the display is really good. And, even, it is in non-optimal light conditions. The user has the possibility to read or interact with it without any effort. Moreover, the advantage of having a minimum size notch allows you to have more space for notifications. While, it maintains environmental sensor, proximity, the front camera and the RGB sensor for unlocking through the recognition of the face.

Speaking of unlocking the device we can not name the other important news of this OnePlus 6T. The sensor for the detection of fingerprints is under the display. The company decided it was time to integrate it into its top of the range. And, therefore, removed it from the back allows users to quickly unlock OnePlus 6T. By tapping with the finger registered on the lower area of the AMOLED panel is easy. In these first days, I admit that I have not found any bugs using it every day. Indeed, the unlocking happens quickly and the finger is almost always recognized.

Artificial Intelligence arrives on cameras

If on the one hand, the photographic sector at the sensor level does not change what changes with OnePlus 6T is instead the algorithm that the company has renewed thanks to the introduction of ‘ Artificial Intelligence capable of improving the shots with the recognition of some categories of subjects.

At the technical level, we are dealing with a dual-sensor of which the main 16MPx and the secondary 20MPx both with focal aperture from f / 1.7. As mentioned, the new developments concern the algorithm developed by OnePlus that has dedicated. The examples are a specific mode for shots at night capable of eliminating the usual noise in these conditions. And, especially to “lighten” the scene via software allowing you to have a shot more true to reality. Also, improved the HDR mode that still increases the dynamic range, accuracy but also the contrast with shots even more beautiful to see and actually from the first impressions on the field it seems so.

For video, the new OnePlus 6T guarantees recording in maximum resolution i.e. 4K at 60 fps just like it was for its predecessor while the new Super Slow Motion mode is introduced that guarantees recording in Full HD at 240fps or 480fps in 720p.

hardware always at the top

At the hardware level then the Smartphone has as on OnePlus 6 the best Qualcomm processor of the moment i.e the Snapdragon 845 supported by 6 or 8GB of RAM based on the device version. And, that guarantees really high performance as OnePlus has become accustomed. The processor, in this case, is the reference Octa-Core of all top of the range. And, is characterized by a production process at 10nm with a maximum clock at 2.8GHz and associated with an Adreno 630 graphics card. For the record, OnePlus 6T will also see the presence of 128GB internal storage or even 256GB of UFS 2.1 2-LINE memory.

A ” renewed ” Smartphone after 6 months

In short, OnePlus renews its flagship model after only 6 months. OnePlus 6T is a Smartphone that is very different from its predecessor in both design and hardware. True, the display is now wider due to the presence of a drop notch much appreciated compared to other competitors. There is the presence of the comfortable sensor below the display. And, that does not aesthetically ruin the back and is slightly faster than that classic.

There is an increase in the battery even if just a little. And, that allows you to close the day without worry. Besides this, there is also an introduction of an algorithm with Artificial Intelligence in the double camera. All features that ensure an improvement in the performance of the smartphone.

So OnePlus 6T will be available from next November 6 in two colors Mirror Black (i.e. the glossy version) and Midnight Black (i.e. the most opaque version) in these three different configurations:

OnePlus 6T 6GB / 128GB Mirror Black price of  $ 559

8GB / 128GB Midnight Black price of $ 589

8GB / 256GB Mirror Black price of $v639

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