May 8, 2018
Nokia 7 Plus

The Nokia 7 Plus is a versatile smartphone for an acceptable price. If the half editors consider purchasing the Nokia 7 Plus (even before the smartphone review model has arrived), then you know it’s an interesting device. Now that the review model is available. The question can be answered is Nokia’s smartphone worth the purchase?

Nokia 7 plus specification

  • Price $ 499
  • Colors black, white
  • OS Android 8.1 (Oreo)
  • Screen 6 inch (2160×1080)
  • Processor 2.2 GHz octa-core (Snapdragon 660)
  • RAM 4 GB
  • Storage 64 GB (expandable with memory card)
  • Battery 3,800 mAh
  • Camera 12 and 13-megapixel dual-cam (rear), 16 megapixels (front)
  • Connectivity 4G (LTE), Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi, GPS
  • Size 15.8 x 7.6 x 0.8 cm
  • Weight 183 grams
  • Other fingerprint scanners, USB-c, headphone port

The Nokia 7 Plus reminds me of the Nexus smartphones that Google released until 2015, thanks to its excellent price-quality ratio and long Android support with updates. Unfortunately, the Nexus line was replaced by Google Pixel phones, but also iPhone-like expensive. Nokia replenishes the Nexus void, with the Nokia 7 Plus. The device reminds me of a lot of Nexus 5 from 2013.


Nokia 7 Plus


  • Great build quality and premium design
  • Stock Android
  • Solid, reliable performance
  • Excellent battery life


  • Average audio performance
  • Low-light camera performance needs improvement

Android One

The Nokia 7 Plus runs on the latest Android version (8.1 Oreo). Now that is not so special. Nokia’s strategy to keep Android devices safe and up-to-date is reflected in the fact that the smartphone participates in Android One. No invasive skin or misleading bloatware as antivirus apps, but a clean version that is kept up-to-date by Google itself. In short, the best and safest Android you can get. For less than half the price of the Pixel 2 smartphones: 400 euros, just like the Nexus smartphones of yesteryear.

The Nokia 7 Plus has been waiting for Android updates for at least two years. That is, in any case, more than the eighteen months that other Android smartphones can expect, but still a lot shorter than iPhones.

A clean Android without bloatware also means that you have the best battery optimization from Google. And that is also noticeable. The battery of the Nokia 7 Plus easily lasts two days.


The Nokia 7 Plus is, as the ‘plus’ already reveals, pretty strong because of its 6-inch screen diagonal (converted 15.2 centimeters). The screen ratio is 1 by 2 and the edges around the screen are limited. The fingerprint scanner is also placed on the back to use the entire front for the screen. If you can live with the large format, you will get a lot in terms of screen size. The display of the full HD screen is acceptable, colors are very nice. Only the screen is not clear enough, which is difficult when you use the device outdoors in the sun.

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The housing is striking. Nokia has not made a device entirely of glass, which is a trend with other manufacturers. A trend that causes dirty fingers on the device and smartphones that easily slide off the couch. The 7 Plus is made of metal, with a copper-colored edge around the screen and a coating on the back. The end result is very nice. The only downside is that housing is not waterproof.


Although the Nokia 7 Plus with its price tag of 400 euros is not the most expensive smartphone. The device is equipped with a dual-camera. This dual camera allows you to optically zoom in and take (portrait) photos with the depth of field effect. Just like most dual cameras that are in more expensive smartphones.

The photos that the 7 Plus produces are remarkably good. A lot of detail, beautiful colors and a lot of depth recognition. This Nokia is not much lower for high-end devices like the Galaxy S9 + and iPhone X. When the circumstances become more difficult, however, you notice that the photos qualitatively a lot less attractive with motion blur, dull colors, and noise. Also, the quality of the zoom lens is a lot less than the main camera on the back. Despite that, in this price category, this is quite a good camera.

In difficult lighting conditions, the camera soon drops a stitch.

In use

The specifications are further what you can expect. The Snapdragon 660 processor and four gigabytes of RAM are more than enough to make Android, especially Android One (without fuss) work smoothly. On paper then.

Furthermore, the Nokia has 64 GB of storage and a memory card slot. That is nice for all your apps, music, photos and videos. With the addition of a modern USB-c charging port (which is sometimes missing on cheaper devices) and a headphone port.


Should I have to buy a smartphone today, it would be the Nokia 7 Plus without hesitation. The smartphone is unmatched and complete on the price-quality ratio: a beautiful housing, large screen, wonderful battery life, great camera, fine specifications and the best (and safest) that Android has to offer. Compared to the most expensive phones, there are some drawbacks, such as the too low screen brightness, the pictures are less when you zoom or have little light and the device sometimes responds somewhat slowly after unlocking.

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