Ricoh Theta V

Mini review: Ricoh Theta V

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Making 360-degree photos and videos is particularly easy with the Ricoh Theta V camera from Ricoh. But is the time already ripe for the purchase of such a camera?

Ricoh Theta V
Price: € 399
Color: Gray

The device has the form of a remote control with a separate lens on both sides. You take pictures with the round button in the middle and you’re ready. Basically you do not even have to focus – after all, this camera records in all directions at once. If you want more control during shooting, connect the Theta V with your smartphone to watch live in the accompanying app.


We are very pleased with the image quality. The Theta, for example, stands well in low light. There is also hardly any so-called ‘ stitching ‘, a term used for the visible seams in photographs where the separate images of both lenses are glued together in software. You might know it from smartphones that can shoot panoramic images. Because the Theta V is so thin, there is virtually no such ugly overlap.

Back in time
It really becomes fun when you record videos. They have a 4K resolution and therefore look nice and sharp. Plug your device with Theta app into virtual reality glasses for smartphones and it’s like you’re back where you shot the images. Very strange! A disadvantage is that 360-degree images are less easily shared than normal photos and videos. WhatsApp does not support looking around, recipients only see a flat photo with a distorted effect. Uploading to Facebook or YouTube is easiest, playing in VLC has recently become an option.


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