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Mac with ARM processors maybe coming soon from next year

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Apple would be working on a major change that involves the arrival of Macs with ARM processors. With the same architecture of those present in the iPhone and iPad. The launch should take place next year.

Apple has already gone through several changes of Mac architecture in history. It seems that the next may happen next year.

Apple is not new to changes in architecture the company had moved from Motorola processors to PowerPC (developed in collaboration with Motorola and IBM) and then decided in 2005 to adopt the Intel x86 architecture. The next change could take place in 2020. As Apple would like to move away from Intel to propose Macs with ARM-developed processors developed by it.

The A-series processors have proven they can compete with x86 processors for many workloads, including video editing, albeit with performance limitations. These limitations, however, are mainly due to the need to reduce consumption (and temperatures) to insert the processors in devices such as iPhones and iPads. In a computer. With an active dissipation system and more capable batteries. It is conceivable that the performance is not too dissimilar from mid-range processors with x86 architecture on many workloads.

Apple’s intention to switch to ARM also for Mac processors is some how also indicated by the process of unification in progress between iOS and MacOS. If not from a point of view of functionality and interface, at least from the point of view of the applications. Apple intends to unify the applications so that there is only one package executable on both MacOS and iOS. A fact that would be much more convenient if the operating systems had the same underlying processor architecture. This plan should take shape in 2021. Theoretically a year after the launch of the first Mac based on ARM. But since last year it is possible to port from iOS to macOS.

The main problem in this transition will be that of the intermediate phase. In which the x86 machines must coexist with the ARM ones. This period will be the most delicate. Apple will have to support developers in bringing their applications to the new platform in the simplest way possible.

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