October 6, 2018

Low-noise apps and games


We live in a world that constantly fires all kinds of bells and whistles at us. Our smartphone has become a constant incentive factor. Of course, He does not have to be that. So, these minimalist and low-priced apps and games bring calm and entertainment in a calming way.


Head space is a beautiful minimalist meditation app and of course, with a restful app. It would also be wrong to have a busy appearance.

With Head space, you can choose all kinds of meditations, short of one minute or longer sessions that are tailored to you personally. The app is ,therefore, designed to offer peace in several areas and also visually. In addition, the app works with a reward system and it guides you in a gentle way to plan more moments of rest in your day and to switch off.

(Android / iOS)

Fern Flower

Fern Flower is already playing at the home screen in a calm setting. With soft music and the sound of rushing water, you start the game. It is the same kind of game as “Flappy Bird” though it is less hysterical. As a little deer, you jump over mountains and nature to come to a flourishing flower that brings happiness. As you get better in the game you can earn points to unlock other characters.

(Android / iOS)

SPACE – Break phone addiction

With SPACE you can phase out your telephone use step by step. The app helps you to find a balance in how often you use your phone. This tool is put in a beautiful minimalist jacket in order that it can also fit in perfectly with the spiritual calm that all these apps have in common.

The app keeps track of how often you pick up and use your phone and shows this in clear graphs. In addition, you can also adjust your profile where you can indicate the biggest reason for your constant telephone use.

(Android / iOS)

Alto’s Odyssey

A beautifully designed game isĀ Alto’s Odyssey where you snowboard through a desert. This includes multiple snowboard and skateboard techniques. The design together with the music creates an exciting and very entertaining (and addictive) game. While sliding, you discover new areas together with Alto.

(Android / iOS)


Slowly is a contact app that connects you with other people with similar interests. Slow works on the principle of pen friends. You can find these pen pals anywhere in the world and the app helps you connect. You can manually choose people to write based on how many interests you share or you can let the app make a decision for you.

In any case, it is a way to make new and interesting contacts in an attentive way.

(Android / iOS)


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