September 19, 2018

LG OLED55E7N Review


The LG OLED55E7N promises much good in a very thin case but how good is this OLED television really? We were allowed to extensively test this LG TV.

LG OLED55E7N specifications

Price: $1,399

Screen type: OLED

Screen diagonal: 55 inch, 140 cm

Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels

HDR: HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG standard

Picture: frequency 100 Hz

Connectivity: 4 x HDMI, 3 x USB, Bluetooth, CI + lock, Optical audio output, Ethernet LAN, 3.5mm headphone output

Smart TV: WebOS 3.5

Soundbar: 60 Watt60 Watt

The super-slim OLED screen comes into its own in the ‘Picture on Glass’ design with its fine, transparent frame and beautiful horizontal accent lines of the soundbar.




  • Gorgeous, contrast-rich pictures
  • Incredibly thin design
  • Startlingly powerful sound
  • Easy-to-use smart system


  • Some brightness-related noise
  • LCD TVs are brighter
  • Some plasticky skin tones
  • It’s expensive


The TV is well equipped with four HDMI connections, all of which are ready for Ultra HD and HDR sources. Three pieces stand aside, one stands at the back and points to the wall. There are no analog connections anymore, but you will probably not miss them. The headphone jack is difficult to reach at the back, but the E7N is also equipped with Bluetooth so you can use a wireless headset.

Image quality

With an OLED screen, each pixel itself produces light and can be individually switched off so that it is perfectly black. OLED TVs, therefore, have an unrivaled, almost infinite contrast. This LG is also well calibrated so that the image quality is of the reference level. He combines natural, rich colors with perfect skin tones and deep contrast for vivid, almost tangible images. The device converts all your sources (DVD player, game console, digital TV, etc.) to Ultra HD resolution, eliminates noise and other image errors and neatly displays all the details. With fast-moving images, the OLED panel delivers a lot of detail without exaggerating blurry or double edges.

In very subtle color transitions or very dark images, you can sometimes see vague stripes or blocks. The effect is less disturbing than on previous models, and fortunately also much less. Where previous OLED TVs still have some black detail hidden, that problem on the E7N is almost completely eliminated.


OLED screens with their perfect black value and enormous contrast are a great choice for HDR. In addition, they combine that with a hugely rich and extensive color palette that makes HDR content really come into its own. Only in terms of light output should they let the very best LCD TVs go ahead. This is particularly visible in predominantly clear images (for example, snowy landscapes) because OLED technology displays these images in a darker way than they should be. LG uses Active HDR to partially counter this.

Another HDR asset from LG is that they support many standards: HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. So you enjoy the best HDR content, on Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube and Ultra HD Blu-ray. Technicolor may be added later on. That makes the device a safe choice for the future.

Smart TV

WebOS 3.5 is an excellent smart TV platform that provides you with clear and playful access to all sources, apps, and functions. You can organize the tiles on the Home screen so that you can find all your favorites immediately.


LG equips its WebOS TVs with the Magic Remote. This version is slightly more luxurious than the other models but works in a more identical way. By pointing to the screen you move a cursor on the screen. The remote follows your movements very accurately, and you do not have to put much effort into it. This way you can quickly click on the desired tiles, or navigate through the menus quickly. If you find that hassle with pointing out nothing, then there are still enough keys on the remote to control your TV in a classic way. The remote is equipped with a microphone with which you can record searches and has specific buttons for Netflix and Amazon.

Sound quality

This horizontal grille at the bottom conceals a sturdy 60 Watt soundbar. It performs very well, with film soundtracks, dialogues, and music. The layer view is fine and the high is well detailed. The television supports Dolby Atmos sound but initially did so only via USB and streaming sources, not via the HDMI inputs (such as a Blu-ray player, for example). A firmware update has solved that. Dolby Atmos delivers an audible, albeit subtle, surround effect on this soundbar. Anyone looking for the full glory of an Atmos experience is still dependent on an external solution. LG offers on this model ‘Magic Tuning’, a short, one-time procedure where you use the microphone of the remote to adjust the sound to the room’s acoustics.LG OLED55E7N Review


Are you looking for a television that brings the ultimate movie experience to the living room? Or are you a sports enthusiast who likes to be in the stadium? Do you like to play in the big game? For all three, this LG OLED TV has a unique combination of qualities in the house. You pay a premium price for it.

With the OLED55E7N you get in the first place LG’s fantastic OLED image quality. Perfect black, incredible contrast and rich, vibrant colors make for a great picture especially when you watch the latest HDR content or games. The built-in soundbar complements the image with excellent, full sound with good bass and clear dialogue. Gamers will be delighted with the low input lag. All these qualities are also in an attractive design that puts the ultra-flat OLED screen in the spotlight. The Magic Remote and WebOS 3.5 make it a user-friendly and modern television.

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