smart glasses

Huawei presents its first line of smart glasses

Huawei has collaborated with Korean eyeglass maker Gentle Monster to create the company’s first line of eyewear. Do not miss everything that was announced in Paris about Huawei’s new smart glasses. The event that Huawei held on March 26 in Paris had the following motto: “Rewrite the rules”. Although the company basically referred to the […]

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laws regulate the internet

Which laws doing regulate the internet in the world

The appropriation that Internet users have made has involved the regulation of certain services and the emergence of rights. The European Union said no to the Google Rate this week. It was a tax to tax the activity of technology companies like Amazon and Google, driven by France and Spain. Which were saddened by the […]

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Is your connection slow? Seven tricks to improve the speed of the internet

Today there is nothing more frustrating than a slow Internet because when your Internet connection is not able to open a specific page we can lose our temper. To not get to that point and try to improve your Internet connection step by step, we propose the following computer tricks of walking around the house […]

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