March 18, 2019

How to increase your Internet speed


Today there is nothing more frustrating than a slow Internet because when your Internet connection is not able to open a specific page we can lose our temper. To not get to that point and try to improve your Internet connection step by step. We propose the following computer tricks of walking around the house to increase your speed. Discover them!

Steps to increase the speed of the Internet connection

Do you want to increase the speed of your Internet connection at home or in the office? If you are fed up with the slowness and delay in connections, learn to optimize your Internet connection by following a few simple steps:

1. Perform a speed test

The speed tests are a great tool that we use to measure the performance of our connection and compare it with the assumed speed of the Internet we have contracted. For this, we have a wide variety of free online tools to check our connection. You just have to contact your Internet provider and ask the steps you must follow to perform the relevant speed test.

2. Turn the router off and on

As simple and useless as this step seems to be to improve the speed of the Internet, an insignificant reset of the modem can suppose a great increase in the speed of the Internet.

3. Change the WiFi channel

The WIFI channels are like pedestrian streets if there is a chance that everyone goes down the same street it is difficult for us to move forward, just like the WIFI on a canal. Therefore, if the causality occurs that we are in a large block of houses and the whole world uses the same channel, we can get to alter the speed. The solution is very simple; by downloading a program similar to the inSSIDer for the computer or WIFI analyzer for the mobile you will be able to obtain the least frequented channels of your building.

4. Move or change the site router

If you are connected to the Internet using the router a few meters away and your connection is poor, ask yourself if this is the correct location. Move it around the house trying to avoid furniture and placing it in an area free of objects. With just this action you will surely notice that the quality of your WIFI has increased considerably. In case you have moved it and the quality is still as poor … It may be that the time has come to change the router since a newer router can offer you a quality improvement of up to triple compared to one old.

5. Avoid connecting several devices simultaneously

On many occasions when we buy an electronic device. The first thing we do is connect them to the network to take advantage of their features at 100%. However, once we get tired of them we forget to remove them from the WIFI and they continue to be connected, diminishing the connection. As insignificant as it may be, try to disconnect from the WIFI all the mobiles, tablets, televisions that are not being used at that moment.

6. Verify if we have a virus or malware

As with the performance of computers, more than 70% of the causes of a bad Internet connection are due to a virus, adware or malware.  Download free antivirus and perform a periodic scan to the computer for viruses will ensure a secure and faster connection. In addition, we are currently fortunate to have a great diversity of antivirus to improve the Internet connection, free and within reach.

7. Clean your browser’s cache

Almost all browsers on the market store information about the websites you enter to try to optimize your speed the next time you access them. However, there comes a point where this information saturates the browser forcing you to reduce your connection.

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