March 5, 2019

How to improve mobile coverage

mobile coverage

When everyone cares about saving mobile data or if the mobile’s battery can endure all day. We forget an essential factor for the proper functioning of our mobile phones: coverage. Gone is the era of large islands without coverage, increasingly scarce – although there are still some – but even so, coverage problems often appear in our mobiles. That is why it is essential to know these tricks to improve mobile coverage.

How to have more coverage

Are you tired of your mobile phone’s failure continuously? Discover the best techniques to get more coverage on the phone, wherever you are.

1. How do you get the phone?

Many times we cover the antenna when picking up the phone. Which negatively affects the signal we receive and worsens the coverage. Depending on the design of the phone you have, this problem especially affects the lefties. And the fact that today mobile phone antennas have disappeared from the outside and are integrated into the device makes it increasingly difficult to locate them.

2. Flee from the agglomerations

The higher the number of mobile phones concentrated in an area. The more the antenna that emits the signal will be affected, which will affect your coverage. If you are in a busy place you can move a few meters to get out of the agglomeration and thus improve the coverage of your mobile phone. Which will undoubtedly facilitate your communications. Many times it is enough to move a couple of meters to get this improvement.

3. Where is the nearest antenna?

Knowing where the nearest telephone antenna is will allow you to improve coverage since the closer we are the better the signal will be. Luckily there are a lot of apps that tell us. But it is not enough to know, it is also important to eliminate the physical barriers between you and the antenna. Since all they do is obstruct the signal that comes to you. It is something that you must take into account, for example, when furnishing the house.

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4. Look for areas with more coverage

Just as there are apps that tell us where the nearest telephone antenna is, we also have applications that indicate the best coverage areas in the home or anywhere else. And if you do not want to download one of these apps, in Android you can go to Settings> about phone> Enter Signal to see the intensity of coverage or in iOS enter the Field Test by dialing * 3001 # 12345 # *.

5. Climb to high places

In emergency situations, it is advisable to go up a few meters to increase coverage and make it easier to use the telephone. We will not go to the roof of the building every time we want to talk on the phone, but when necessary we can resort to this trick. The same goes for the mountain. It is easier to have coverage – or a better signal at the top than on the slopes.

6. Restart the mobile

There are times when the coverage fails because the phone is connected to a distant antenna. Which does not emit enough signal to guarantee good coverage. That’s why we can restart the phone, or put it a few seconds in airplane mode. This disconnects from that antenna and when it is activated again it will connect to an antenna that will offer us better coverage.

7. Keep your mobile well charged

That signal search that we have been talking about all the time is one of the tasks that consume more battery in our phones. Hence the importance of having it always loaded. When the battery is close to exhausting the search for coverage is more difficult. Hence the importance of having the mobile always charged. You can also follow some tricks to make the mobile load faster. If you can not charge it and the battery is going to run out. Disconnect features like GPS or Bluetooth and the coverage will improve.

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