March 29, 2019

Huawei presents its first line of smart glasses

smart glasses

Huawei has collaborated with Korean eyeglass maker Gentle Monster to create the company’s first line of eyewear. Do not miss everything that was announced in Paris about Huawei’s new smart glasses.

The event that Huawei held on March 26 in Paris had the following motto: “Rewrite the rules”. Although the company basically referred to the cameras of the new P30 series, it can also be applied in other areas of technology.

Indeed, it seems that the Chinese company has also proposed to revolutionize the world of eyewear with the manufacture of its first line of smart glasses. A surprise that was saved for the end of the presentation.

It is a kind of Bluetooth helmets in the form of glasses that Huawei has created in collaboration with Gentle Monster. A popular eyewear company in South Korea with a good reputation throughout the continent.

The result is a pair of sunglasses and sunglasses that will especially appeal to those with a hipster and modern style, although there is a style for everyone. Huawei has wanted to create glasses that people will want to wear in their day to day.

The Huawei Eyewear does not have a camera and its objective is that you can interact with your mobile device. They have a speaker and microphones embedded in each of the pins so you can make and receive calls.

The company also manages to create these glasses that you want to look like by not including any buttons. Your interaction with the glasses will be done by touching. You must also touch on them to activate the digital assistant of your smartphone.

They are resistant to water and dust with an IP67 certification. This means that, while they will be completely protected from dust, you can put them in water but not continuously. You can charge them using the USB C port or in its charging case.

The official release date has not yet been confirmed nor what price these smart glasses will have once they arrive at the stores. For now, Huawei has only announced that they will go on sale this coming July.

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