March 17, 2019

How to know if your wifi is being stolen


When we leave the house we close the door, usually with a key. If we go to a bar at night we do not think about leaving the wallet on the bar while we dance. However, this natural distrust is shown by the human being in relation to their material properties and physical integrity. It becomes indifference or naivety when we talk about the virtual environment. What is the use of having an armored door if we give access to our bank accounts through the computer to anyone? From what can an alarm system protect us if from its house any cracker can know until the last secret and intimate detail that hides our private life?

Just as the protection of our physical integrity begins with having a closed and safe door that prevents intruders from accessing our home. With our virtual environment, the same thing happens and our Wifi network would be the key that could give anyone access to all our data. Learn about our technology tricks to know who is stealing your home’s Wi-Fi.

How can we know if our Wi-Fi network is stolen?

One of the clearest signs that someone is accessing our Wifi furtively would be that our Internet works slower than normal. After all, what happens when we steal the Wi-Fi is that we are sharing our bandwidth with another computer. Which reduces the speed of our computer in the transfer of data. If our connection not only slows down but also interrupts or works intermittently. We may be facing the same problem.

However, there are ways that we can know with certainty the identity of the cybercriminal, for that. We can download directly and free of charge from the network itself a program that will allow us to detect. When someone is usurping this virtual resource called. Wifi and at the same time know who He is the one who has done it. We must bear in mind that there are specific programs for our computers. As for the type of operating system that it uses

We can also get the identity of the offender in another way, but it requires that we have some luck to catch him red-handed using our network resources. For this, we have to consult the list of owners of the Wifi network. Where we could find their identity revealed if it matches that the attacker is using it at that precise moment.

Recommendations to avoid this situation

To maintain a certain level of security it is advisable that we change the password of our Wi-Fi. Every so often as there are databases in the network with innumerable passwords that come by default in the routers. As this will not be enough barrier to shield our virtual resources, to complement it. We can configure the router in such a way that only our network is allowed to access certain addresses.

Remember, our security depends on many factors. We close the door of our home from the beginning to the cybercriminals. Who from the anonymity could cause a reduction of our bandwidth but also supplant our identity? Even steal our money or blackmail us with our secrets more intimate.

Even so, your connection may be slow even if nobody is stealing from you. Therefore, we recommend that you know the tricks to improve the internet speed of the Internet and you can enjoy your navigation correctly.

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