October 22, 2018

Halloween horror movies on Netflix


October is not only in full swing, but it is also the month that ends with Halloween. Do you need any suggestions for your scary movie night? We will list 8 exciting Netflix horror films for you.

The Ring

The Ring is a classic among the horror films. A forbidden videotape that nobody can view, anyone who does, dies a horrible death. Of course, there is an innocent soul who does see the video, and the race starts against the clock. A perfect combination of tension and supernatural horror.

The Fly

The Fly follows a classic story of a passionate scientist who does a groundbreaking invention. As you can expect, of course, not every experiment goes well. The result is a gruesome deformity of the scientist. You can enjoy some good old 80s horror and CGI in this movie.
The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods is a very surprising horror film. He starts like almost every badly appreciated horror film: a group of teenagers go to a forest/camp / hotel and are murdered in a gruesome and creative manner. The Cabin in the Woods, however, brings a whole new dimension to the story. A must if you fancy a classic approach with a surprising twist.

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Sinister is the story of a writer who writes truth-based crime books and decides to move with his family to a home where a whole family has died through hanging. The young daughter of the family was missing and never recovered. That is, of course, the place where you want to live as a thriller writer. And it is a guarantee for mysterious problems.


Insidious is a horror film with some classic elements. Think of carving violins, organs, demons with goat paws. This makes the film a pleasure to watch and perfect for a horror movie night. He deals with the deep layers of the subconscious, and silent waters appear to have deep and narrow grounds.

Case 39

A social worker ends up with a family whose parents are suspected of mistreating their daughter. It is her ‘ Case 39 ‘. When the social worker finds the daughter in the oven where her parents have pushed her, this idea is confirmed. The woman takes it upon herself to take care of the child, but then there is more to it than she actually thought.

Dark Skies

In Dark Skies, suddenly strange and inexplicable things happen in the house of the Barret family. Night at night, food is spread throughout the kitchen. What could be the cause of this unsolicited mess? The search for a statement begins and the answer seems to have to be sought in an extraterrestrial statement.

The Collection

If you’re in the mood for real, horrible horror, you should watch The Collection. In this blood-curdling film is broken into a big house. But the burglar did not come with the intention to rob the entire house empty. He has a much more horrible and painful motive.


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