April 16, 2019
Fitbit Inspire

If you are looking for a cheap activity wristband and you can do without GPS, altimeter and heart rate monitor the new Fitbit Inspire is made for you. We analyze its design, characteristics, and specifications and compare it with others in the market.

It is an activity bracelet that we recommend to those who practice fitness sporadically. If you can do without GPS, altimeter and cardiac monitoring, the Fitbit Inspire offers everything else for a small fee.

Fitbit Inspire Review

The Fitbit Inspire comes as a replacement for the Fitbit Alta model in the same way, that the Inspire HR replaces the High HR. Both models are affordable price bracelets that seek to offer practical results among a more massive and less demanding public.

Let’s say that with the new releases, the brand seeks to expand the use of these devices and democratize it among a more massive public, offering better entry prices in exchange for cutting certain features that many people would not be taking advantage of.

In this way, are their functions enough for your day by day? In our analysis, we examine your design, offering features and specifications in order to help you decide if this activity wristband is the one you are looking for.

Fitbit Inspire Specifications

  • OLED touch screen in monochrome
  • Lithium battery
  • 2 hours charge time
  • 5-day autonomy (basic use)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
  • Water-resistant 50m
  • Weight of 15 grams
  • Compatible with iPhone 4s and later, Android 5.0 and Windows 10


This is a bracelet of somewhat basic activity to dispense with the heart rate monitor, but it is affordable to all pockets, without neglecting its simple appearance and a complete set of basic features to encourage a healthier life.

The screen is small and of low resolution, but it admits the tactile handling. You will be able to use it in the shower or even in the sessions of swimming. There are cheaper alternatives in the market. But the motivation bonus of the Fitbit ecosystem is something to value positively.

Fitbit Inspire Review

The Good

  • Tiny form factor that’s comfortable to wear 24/7
  • Heart rate and sleep tracking
  • Attractive design with easy-to-change bands
  • Fully waterproof and swimproof
  • Excellent 5-day battery life

The Bad

  • Vertical screen is tiny and narrow
  • Notifications are real-time only, no archive
  • No additional app support beyond what’s on tracker
  • No Fitbit Pay

Price and availability

Retail price: $ 69.95

The new Fitbit Inspire was announced on March 6 and is on sale from the first moment at a recommended price of $ 69.95 with black and wine red finishes.

It is also possible to purchase the Fitbit Inspire HR model in black, white or purple tones at a price of $ 99.95. The main difference between both models is that HR offers the function of continuous monitoring of the heart rate.

Undoubtedly they are attractive prices if we take into account that the Fitbit Alta started at $ 129. While that of the Fitbit Alta HR amounted to $ 174. Now, we are going to study its functionality in depth because there are cheaper alternatives in the market, such as the Xiaomi Mi Band 4.Fitbit Inspire

Design and qualities

The Fitbit Inspire is a smart bracelet with a simple look, despite which. Its minimalist design does not lack a certain charm. The body of the same is made of plastic materials. But the button on the left and the set of sensors, as well as the frame, have bright shades.

The body is mostly plastic, as the company has been using in previous editions, compared to some models that opt for glass finishes. The surface is slightly curved in order to encourage you to wear it everywhere, even when you sleep.Design and qualities

The screen is monochrome, small and of low resolution in order to guarantee a greater autonomy. It gives us the impression that when it is off. It offers a better feeling than when it is illuminated, as it passes more unnoticed on your wrist.

The thin and thin size does not prevent you from being able to use your touch screen to move around the interface. It is not the agile response offered by today’s smartphones. But the browsing experience to consult information is generally satisfactory.Fitbit Alta model

Unlike the management offered by the Fitbit Alta model, to access the menu you must press on the side of your screen. The Fitbit Inspire has a large button panel that you can quickly locate.

In the case of the strap that accompanies the bracelet is a bit basic silicone, with a simple fastening clip easy to remove and put. The Fitbit Inspire HR differs from this by using a system similar to a watch with a loop, in order to make it more difficult to lose.Fitbit Alta model

It must be recognized that this system is more difficult to let loose and be lost. These straps can be easily replaced by the user by others of leather of different shades whose price is $ 39.95 or by mesh models with stainless steel finishes of $ 69.95.

Characteristics and specifications

As with other Fitbit models, the screen of the new Inspire wakes up just by turning your wrist. Something you can turn off if it’s not to your liking. The activation system is reliable, but with a slight delay noticeable for those who are accustomed to using a smartwatch.

The interface is simple and right to the point in terms of functionality. Fitbit has worked on the user experience for those who buy an intelligent bracelet for the first time. So that you can consult the most relevant information on the main screens.

It shows you the steps taken, the calories burned, the active minutes and the distance traveled. They are very accessible metrics, displayed in this order by sliding your finger on the screen up.

Reality tells us that each manufacturer offers a different precision based on the measure of your stride. During our trial period, we have checked the results with an intelligent watch and we must affirm that the figures do not dance in an exaggerated way.Fitbit Alta model

A race on tape measured us a time of 24 min and 45 sec with a calorie count of 319. The Apple Watch placed on the other wrist recorded during the same race a calorie burn figure of 380.

Since automatic detection is not an exact science. You can also manually register the exercise by tapping the button on the application’s control panel.

If something works well Fitbit is the challenge and motivation section. So that the Fitbit Inspire will send reminders every hour so you can meet your movement objectives.

The possibility of choosing times and participants (up to a maximum of 10) gives these bracelets an advantage over other watches such as Apple Watch or Android Wear OS that do not encourage this type of progress.

The new Inspire is resistant to water up to 50 meters. So you can take a shower or swim in order to compare the data of the strokes. However, the bracelet will not register the raised floors when there is no altimeter.

Registration and sleep patterns

Where the Fitbit Inspire wins in front of its main competitors is in the pursuit of the dream and its patterns. Despite lacking the heart rate monitor. The wristband offers a log chart of when to be asleep, restless or awake with total times.

Its great autonomy is a guarantee to maintain a constant measurement of these parameters, without having to leave your battery charging at night. In fact, you will surpass 5 days of use before having to recharge it.

In our tests the expectations were met, having to charge your battery after 5 days of use. With regard to charging periods, the average time for charging at 100% capacity is two hours.

Its included USB charger is magnetic with three contact points located at the bottom of the Inspire. Its cable is short. Something to consider if you use a wall socket adapter.

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