March 17, 2019

What to do if you drop the phone to the water


We take the mobile everywhere. To the pool, to the kitchen, to the bathroom and to a host of other places. But this habit of carrying the phone wherever we go can play tricks on us. We all know stories that begin with a “slipped out of my pocket” or a “slipped out of my hands” and end up with a device unusable after falling into the water.

Honestly, the fact that a mobile phone falls into the water is one of the worst accidents that a mobile terminal can suffer, especially if the water in which it is submerged is salty. But all is not lost: a wet mobile can be “resurrected” if you follow the appropriate steps. Next, we explain what you can do if your phone has fallen into the water, step by step.

What you should not do if your phone is wet

Before explaining how to resuscitate a mobile phone that has fallen into the water. We have to be clear about what we should not do under any circumstances.

Do not use a hair dryer to remove moisture quickly, because excessive heat can damage the electronic components of the appliance.

Do not submerge it in alcohol. Especially suitable for mobile phones that have been immersed in dirty water (such as in the toilet). To disinfect the device it is better to moisten a cotton ball in alcohol and rub with it only the surface of the phone.

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Do not try to turn on the phone to check for possible damage.

Steps to fix your phone if it has fallen into the water

So, is it possible to fix the phone if it has fallen into the water? Discover all the steps you must follow to try to revive your wet cell phone for whatever reason.

1. Remove the phone from the water as soon as possible

The speed with which you take the phone out of the water will be key when it comes to being able to recover it. The longer you are “bathing,” the more likely you are to suffer significant damage.

2. Remove the battery and card without turning it on

Then, remove the battery to prevent a short circuit. Nowadays, most smartphones cannot be removed quickly, so you may need a screwdriver or some other tool to complete this step. Also, remove the SIM card to prevent moisture that persists in the device causes irreparable damage to the card.

3. Dry the device with a towel or absorbent paper

It is important that you do not let the water that has been inside the device evaporates naturally, as this can cause corrosion in the materials. Use a towel, absorbent paper or even a vacuum to suck the water from the phone.

4. Put the mobile in a bowl with rice or oatmeal

Fill a container with drying material and put your mobile on it. The options are varied in terms of drying material: rice, cat litter, oat flakes, silica gel … Keep the phone there for at least 24 hours. You can also choose materials specifically designed for this type of mishaps, such as Water revives. It is a blue fluid that according to its manufacturers completely eliminates moisture in a wet mobile phone in seven minutes.

Finally, we advise you to wrap the phone with a thin paper towel to prevent the drying material from getting into the ports and openings of the mobile phone.

We hope that with these steps to fix a wet mobile you can recover your mobile. Remember that you can always consult a technical specialist if your phone still resists working.

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