October 23, 2018

How to download photos from Instagram


Photos on Instagram Sometimes you come across that one snapshot that you would like to keep outside the app itself. Then you can, of course, make a screenshot, but that is not the same. We would like to show you how to download photos from Instagram.

There are several apps that you can use to store photos from other accounts on Instagram. You can have your own photos automatically saved as soon as you post them on Instagram. Go to your profile and select the three bars at the top right. Select settings under ‘original messages’ and check the options to save posted photos and videos to your device.

Save with Quicksave for Instagram

An app that allows you to download photos of someone’s profile is Quicksave (Android / iOS). To save a photo, start the app, and set the slider of ‘auto-download service’. On the bottom left you to see the Instagram icon. If you open Instagram via the Quicksave app you are ready to download photos.

Choose the photo you want to download and select the three dots to the right of the photo. This opens the menu. Choose ‘Link copy’ and the app will automatically ensure that the picture is saved in your gallery.

The other apps that you can download for this purpose work according to the same principle. So choose an app that you find working the easiest. For this, you only have to search for ‘save Instagram’ in the Play Store or Appstore.

Save via your computer

To save photos via your computer, go to your Instagram account in your browser. Choose the photo you want to save and click on it. The photo will now be large to see with the comments on the right. If you click on the picture with your right mouse button (or Ctrl-click for Mac). You will see that there is no save option. There is, however, a trick to circumvent this. Choose ‘show page source’. Then activate the search function with Ctrl – F and type ‘JPG’ in the search bar.

This will produce a lot of search results, but the only thing you need is the first JPG search result. Select the full URL with the JPG search result and copy it. Paste the URL into an empty browser bar and Here! The photo can now be saved with a simple right-click.

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