October 20, 2018

Demonsaw Encrypted communications platforms


You want to chat and exchange files. But, you do not trust (the operators of) the large communication platforms like WhatsApp like that. Demonsaw is a small-scale alternative that allows you to set up a secure communication line with other users without much difficulty.

Demonsaw, formerly known as Titan, can be easy to use and easily up to a certain level. You only have to start the unpacked program (installation is not even necessary) and you can start almost immediately. You enter a (fictitious) name or you use one of the accidentally generated names such as Wild Porcupine, Hairy ShapeShifter or Rare Poltergeist. And, you press the start button.

Safe chatting

You will immediately see the names of the users who have connected to the same Demonsaw router the default is that router. The desired user to exchange messages. You do not even have to register with an e-mail address.

Moreover, the exchanged data are encrypted by default. And the creator strongly believes that no data is on the servers or routers at any time so that third parties as government agencies are unaware of what is exchanging between first and second parties.

File transfer

You can also exchange ordinary files or even complete folders with the other users of that same router. The data that is made available can then be found at the names of the people who have shared them. After which you can download them. We, therefore, found a lot of films and other media material back here.

Through the limited options, you change the theme and the size of the font. You can also set a transfer limit (in Mbit / s) for downloading and uploading files.

Own router

Anyone who really cares about his privacy and only wants to exchange data with trusted users has to go one step further and set up a Demonsaw router himself. You can download these separately. We do not have the space to discuss the configuration options here, but you can find the necessary instructions online.


You can also communicate encrypted via platforms such as WhatsApp or Telegram, but Demonsaw is a small-scale and user-friendly alternative. However, those who want even more guarantees of privacy must set up their own router and that is undoubtedly not for everyone.


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