March 9, 2019

How to delete a whatsapp message

whatsapp message

WhatsApp has revolutionized communications, but what does not change are messages sent by mistake. Either because you have mistaken the group and you realized too late or because nothing else to send that message you regret having done it. WhatsApp offers us the possibility of deleting the messages before the recipient has read them. An option that we can save you from many misunderstandings and that WhatsApp included in one of its latest updates. In this technology article, you can remedy your mistakes and get the other person who does not know what you have written.

What to do to erase a WhatsApp message?

Know the keys and steps you must follow to get a message sent through WhatsApp disappear before the other person has read it.

7 minutes to clear the message

One of the keys to eliminating a WhatsApp message before our recipient has read it is the speed since this option is only available 7 minutes after sending the message. Needless to say that if in this period of time our contact has read our WhatsApp you can also delete it, but the “damage” will be done and you will have seen the message that you did not want to see. That is why you may arrive late with the contacts that spend the day pending WhatsApp.

Steps to delete a message on Whatsapp

The first thing is to check that the message sent has only a gray tick. Which indicates that the other person has not received it. Remember that if you have the double blue check you have already read it. While if you have this option disabled you may have read it when the double gray tick appears. Once the message that we want to delete has been sent. We click on the message itself and a pop-up menu will appear with several options that we can make about the message.

Just press “Delete” and you will have deleted the Whatsapp before your contact could read it. Of course, your contact will know that you have deleted that message because when you open the chat or the group you are in. You will see that a message appears with a prohibition sign next to “This message was deleted.” This option offered by WhatsApp is very interesting since it works with text messages and voice notes, videos, images, etc. If you delete it when your contact is watching the video or hearing the audio. It will be interrupted in full playback. It is advisable to prepare some good excuses not to talk on WhatsApp in case the person asks you why you have deleted the message.

If, in addition, you are interested in the privacy and you do not like people to know that you have read their messages. You can remove the double blue WhatsApp check. Although you should bear in mind that you will not be able to see if other people have read those messages.

The danger of emerging notifications on WhatsApp

One issue that we can not ignore is the emergent WhatsApp notifications. There are times when we can not open the application or operate the phone, but we have the emergent notifications active and the screen lights up telling us that a new message has arrived that we can read without entering WhatsApp. If your contact has activated this option you can read your message without your knowing it. So, it may be too late when you delete it. And you will know that you have deleted the message.

Despite the risk of missing the 7 minutes to eliminate the WhatsApp or the recipient to read through a pop-up notification. The possibility of deleting a WhatsApp message before it was read by the recipient was very much in demand by the users. Users of this instant messaging app. Until this update appeared, users resorted to all kinds of tricks to prevent these messages from reaching their recipient, although they did not always work.

One of the most useful was to disconnect the internet connection, either via data or wifi. Before the message was sent – when the clock appears – and erase it before it was sent. An option for which you need to be very fast since WhatsApp messages are sent almost immediately. Another possibility was to block our contact before the message arrived and wait for it to be deleted from the WhatsApp servers… 30 days. A time when we could not contact the other person. Something that does not seem very practical.

Now that you know how to delete WhatsApp messages… Did you know that you can locate a person thanks to this application? Know how to know where a person is through WhatsApp and discover the people who deceive you.

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