March 4, 2019

How to clean computer screen without scratching

computer screen

Computer screens tend to accumulate dust and much other debris, which over time, if not properly cleaned, can be damaged. To avoid this kind of problem. It is best to know how to clean the computer screen with some tricks that make everything much easier.

How to clean the computer screen correctly

If you are worried that the screen of your computer or laptop is clean, you are in luck. Because there are some technology tips that we can put into practice so that the screen remains intact, like the first day. The computer screens are made with a material called LCD that stands out, above all, because they spoil easily. These are all the steps you must follow to clean the computer screen without any damage. Take note!

Step 1

The first advice you should take into account to clean the screen of the desktop or laptop computer is to disconnect it from the power adapter. Remember that if you clean the screen while it is on, you can cause permanent damage that could be very expensive to repair. Also, if you have set up your office at home or constantly use your computer. You will have to perform this process constantly. So never forget to turn off all the plugs, because constantly repeating this error would bill our device.

Step 2

If you have asked yourself how to clean the computer screen. As a good cleaning maniac, you should get a microfiber cloth that is very soft. Avoid that this cloth leaves residues of fluff and avoids the cleaning wipes for computers since this type of cleaning material could leave on the screen additional remains. Also, never use a napkin or kitchen paper because this type of paper tends to scratch the surface of the object you clean, in this case. The screen of your computer.

Step 3

Pass the cloth gently over the entire surface of the screen and try to do it once, and without applying too much pressure or, of course, rubbing; otherwise you could end up damaging the screen of your computer. If you clean the screen of the computer rubbing very hard you could cause what is known as a burn of pixels, thus spoiling the screen of your computer irreversibly. It is best to take the microfiber cloth and make gentle circular movements while cleaning. As a general rule, when cleaning with fast circular movements you will be able to eliminate all the stains that are stuck on the screen. However, while you are cleaning the screen of your computer. You must prevent the fingers from coming into contact with the surface of the screen because you could permanently damage the surface of the LCD matrix and thus leave the screen unusable.

Step 4

If you have asked yourself whether or not you can clean your computer screen with window cleaner, there is one exception. To clean the screen frame. It is a simple cleaning solution, and in this case, you could also use the paper towel. A tip to clean the computer screen without spoiling is also the white vinegar. You should know that you should never, under any circumstances. Moisten the laptop screen directly, but you should wet the cloth a little in the homemade solution of water with vinegar and then apply it on the screen.

You should not soak this cloth too much. Because a cloth that is too wet could cause irreparable damage to the LCD of your computer screen. And if you have accidentally wet the cloth too much. We recommend that you squeeze the cloth well before passing it through the screen. Pass it, exclusively, when it is slightly humid.

Because they are made with very abrasive chemical elements. You should never use any of these products to clean your computer screen. Window cleaners or window cleaners, detergents or dishwashing soaps or to wash clothes, or multipurpose cleaners. Also, the tap water, if it contains too much lime. It would not be a good option to clean the surface of your computer screen because it could leave mineral stains. It is best to make the cleaning solution with vinegar and mineral water.

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