September 12, 2018

If you find the sound settings of Windows too limited, CheVolume can try it out. Conveniently, you assign each open program to a connected audio device. You also choose an acceptable volume level for each application without digging deep into all kinds of settings.

CheVolume Specifications:

Price: $ 24.99 (approx. € 21.20)
Language: English
OS: Windows 7/8/10

The sound settings of Windows 10 can be found in several places, such as the Settings menu and the System Tray. Would you prefer to manage everything from a single user interface? Maybe CheVolume is something for you. The trial CheVolume tries a week off without obligation. For the paid edition you pay around 20 euros. As soon as you start the program after a short installation procedure. You can access the settings via the CheVolume icon at the bottom right of the System Tray.

Change sound output

You simply change the sound output by right-clicking on the CheVolume icon. A quick menu will appear in which you select the desired output, for example, the digitals/pdf output, HDMI port (internal monitor speakers) or line output. Furthermore, adjust the volume level with the slider and activate the silent mode. Sloppy is that the complete name of the output does not appear on the screen. Perhaps this is because the software has not been updated for a while. Fortunately, we no longer encountered imperfections.

Full settings

In CheVolume you can link an open program to an audio output. For example, you play a Spotify playlist on the PC speakers. While you listen to an instructional video on YouTube via the headphones. This way it is not necessary to pause the Spotify stream for watching a video. You open the extended settings of CheVolume by clicking once on the icon, after which you activate the Advanced User Mode. The program recognizes which open programs all have an audio stream, including the system sounds from Windows. Use the arrows at the bottom to transfer an audio stream to another audio output. This works excellent in practice!


CheVolume offers its users easier access to sound settings compared to Windows. Furthermore, it is an added value that you can assign loudspeakers or headphones per program. Far more distinctive features are not present in CheVolume. So the purchase price for this small-scale program is a bit on the high side.


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