March 9, 2019

How to charge your mobile or tablet faster

mobile faster

Its tricks to charge your mobile or tablet faster beforehand and better protect the battery. So in this technology article, we are going to know them all.

How to charge the mobile faster

1. Turn off the phone

The fewer applications and things you have open the faster it will load. So the best trick to load the mobile as fast as possible is to turn it off. If you have an alarm and when you turn it off you are afraid that it does not sound you can put it in airplane mode since you will not have the wifi or the data open and it will not be connected to the network either, which consumes the battery. In addition, you can save mobile data since you will not have connected to the Internet.

2. Clear the memory and close apps

To the thread of what we have seen in the previous point, if putting the mobile in airplane mode does not fit into your plans, let’s not talk about turning it off, it deletes the RAM memory and closes all the applications you have open to accelerate the load. If you need to have one open, in the battery settings you will know which ones consume more. If you are playing or watching a movie it will logically charge slower.

3. Remove the cover

Surely more than once you touched the battery of the phone while you were charging it and it was burning. This is because the lithium ions in the battery become hot when charged, and if a cover covers the battery it will charge slower since they are overheated and the charge is not as efficient. That’s why you should remove the case or any protector that contributes to the heating of the batteries.

4. Plug it into the current

It may seem obvious, but who has never loaded the phone on the computer, in the car, on TV or with a portable charger? They can be an emergency resource, but if you really want your mobile or tablet to charge fast, the wall outlet is the best option. In the rest of the loaders, it will do it much more slowly.

5. Do not use wireless chargers

If plugging them into the mains is the best way to charge our mobile devices. It is a drawer that the wireless chargers will slow down the load even more. So we will do without them if what we want is to have it loaded as soon as possible. The only case in which it is effective is when we talk about wireless fast charging.

6. Use a brand charger

Not all chargers are the same, although many phones have the same type of input and you can use your old phone or any other charger that you have at home. The most efficient way to load it is with an official charger of the terminal brand. Cheap chargers in the medium and long term charge much slower than an official one.

7. Rapid charge loaders

Without a doubt, it is the best way to shorten the loading time on your mobile phone. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the charger is compatible with the battery of your smartphone or tablet, otherwise, it will charge at the same speed as always. Of course, it is not advisable to use the rapid loaders on a daily basis.

8. Avoid extreme temperatures

Both cold and extreme heat damage the battery. Which will start to discharge faster but will also charge more slowly than usual. That is why it is so important to keep your mobile or tablet away from the sun’s rays in summer and safe from the cold temperatures in winter.

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