July 25, 2019

The best sunlight alarm clock

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Start the day in a relaxed way with a solar alarm clock that with its light can simulate the sunrise, helping you to wake up in a relaxed and smooth way. These are the best light alarm clocks to emulate a natural sunrise.

If you discover that you always wake up feeling tired and stunned. Especially in the longest months of winter. You may want to invest some money in a light alarm device. It also is known as a sunrise simulator that will start the day with a good foot.

These are hybrid devices that perform the functions of clock and alarm with those of alarm, specially designed to wake you up with a light intensity that simulates a sunrise, with a change from reddish and orange tones to brighter yellows and whites throughout the duration.

The idea is that your body reacts to the growing light. While you are asleep; preparing you for a natural awakening that takes time without any fright.

Alarm clock

Not all solar light alarm clocks offer the same functionality. So there are some key features to consider, most related to personalization. Let’s break it down.

Light settings

The first thing you should look for is the level of control you will have over real light. The basic light alarms could allow you to set an alarm time and that’s it, but the more expensive models will allow you to manage the intensity of the light (the Philips Somneo has a scale of 25 different intensities), as well as the duration of the effect of the dawn

Sound settings

Easy to ignore, sound settings are even more important than light customization. While light alarms should help you wake up naturally only with light. It is understandable that most of us worry a bit about sleeping. So almost all light alarms also include some type of optional alarm sound.

The important thing is to look at the type of additional options you’ll find. The simplest devices can only include a beep, but this kind of annoying noise is probably what you want to avoid.

The best models can include a range of relaxing sound effects that include birdsong or sea sound, an FM radio, or even an AUX input so you can connect your phone and add audio through this type of input.

Sunset Modes

There are also those that offer optional sunset modes, which are the opposite of sunrise mode. In this way, the light dims slowly to help your body fall asleep naturally. Again, look for customizable settings, optional sound effects, or even breath-focused modes to help you relax.

Other functionalities

Finally, there are other simple features that we have found in some models. These are basic things that are not always guaranteed: simple repetition modes or the option to set alarms for specific days.

You may also be interested in having an additional USB connection port to charge your phone, a simple way to turn on the lamp at any time, or even a level of lighting according to use as a reading support light.

SAD phototherapy lamps

An additional aspect is related to SAD lights. SAD lamps are designed to treat the symptoms of the seasonal affective disorder by phototherapy and must emit at least 2,500 lux to obtain medical certification for this purpose.

Many light alarms have been clinically tested and have been shown to help with the symptoms of SAD and other seasonal disorders, but are only a complement to a SAD light, not a replacement.

The best solar light alarm clocks of 2019

1. Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up

The Philips Somneo is possibly the best solar alarm clock on the market. It could only take your purchase back the high purchase price. Although it could be said that it is worth it for the set of features offered and its design.

Instead of physical buttons, it has controls built into its touch screen. So you can use it to customize your sunrise and sunset settings, with a range of 25 different light intensities, various times and soothing sounds that pass from the singing of the birds, even the sounds of a Zen temple.

You can save two different alarm presets, although you cannot set them for specific days. So remember to turn off the alarm on the days of the week when Saturday arrives.

In addition to the sunset mode for falling asleep, there is a light-guided breathing mode to help you fall asleep. Beyond that, there are modern details everywhere.

You can press on the top to postpone, a low-intensity light if you wake up in the middle of the night, FM radio, AUX input if you want to fall asleep with the sounds of your phone or podcast, and even a USB-A slot to charge your telephone.

To benefit from all these functionalities you should know that the price of the Philips Somneo amounts to € 219.99. Which is going to be more than most are willing to pay. If you can overcome this obstacle, you will be acquiring the best model.

2. Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300

Lumie’s proposal is considerably cheaper than Philips, with the advantage that it offers granular control over your routines at the time of waking up and before bedtime, with a wide variety of mix of sounds and light settings that are at your provision.

It has combined LEDs that glow with combinations of white, orange and red tones to create a sunlight effect that is not too blinding and can gradually increase and decrease between 15 and 90 minutes, with 20 different light levels.

It works best as an alarm clock. We opted for the maximum brightness scale in 30 minutes and discovered that we were waking up naturally, and at the end of time. We also set an audible alarm as a security measure (we still don’t trust that we wake up only with the light!)

As an alarm system, the Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 supports the ability to set a beep or preset sounds, in addition to using any FM radio channel, a function that has built-in.

Too bad, if the Body clock Shine 300 is disconnected from the network. All the settings will be reset to the factory. Which is quite annoying to have to configure it again. Otherwise, it is a quality product.

3. Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo’s smartwatch is more than just a light alarm clock since it has a 4-inch mini smart screen that is powered by Google’s voice assistant to offer additional functionality. This does not mean that you can also use it as a light alarm that slowly illuminates the screen before the final sound of its alarm function sounds. The flight simulation is not as bright as that of the other alarms treated here, but it manages to carry out the effect.

The Lenovo Smart Clock has an economical price and you will have the advantage of having the additional functions associated with a voice assistant to manage your calendar, control the weather, listen to music and much more. Basically, it is a Google Home Mini with an additional screen.

3. Auelek LED Wake Up Light

This is the cheapest equipment of those treated here and not for that reason. Its functionality leaves to be desired compared to what is offered by the rest. It is possible to use it as a light alarm to wake up simulating the sunrise, or as a sunset, mode to go to sleep.

It has 10 levels of light intensity that vary throughout the 30 minutes of the process. The internal battery is used to store the settings that you have preset. So it should always be connected to the mains for power.

If you choose to add sound to the alarm clock, 6 natural sounds accompany the 7 coloreds LED lights. We also have a snooze function to stop the alarm and postpone it for a few more minutes.

The information displayed by the Auelek LED Wake Up Light is displayed in the central part of the device. While the LED illumination surrounds the screen in a circular manner. Thus, we always have the time information represented.

5. Amazon Echo Show 5

Like the Lenovo Smart Clock, discussed earlier. The Echo Show 5 is not a light alarm as such but we have included it because it offers this functionality. Its dawn effect acts in a way that increases the brightness to do exactly that.

Start 15 minutes before the alarm time you have set. Along with the alarm tones that can be set to gradually increase the volume. It should help to have a smooth waking experience.

The comments we have made about the Lenovo Smart Clock also apply to the Echo Show 5. Since the lighting effect is not as bright as it is from dedicated equipment since its 5.5-inch LCD screen has other purposes.

Inside, it has the Alexa assistant integrated with an updated interface to facilitate access and control of other smart devices that are part of the home, with the possibility of handling them through the voice.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 speaker sounds good enough to listen to music in the bedroom. There is Bluetooth so you can stream music from your phone. Although there is a built-in camera. A slider at the top allows you to cover it for privacy.

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