July 21, 2019

The best Smart Display of 2019

Smart Display

If you feel frustrated in the daily use of a smart speaker and its assistant, try these Smart Display smart screens that we propose. Add the visual and video aspect to your questions. It will improve the user experience with the incentive of being able to make video calls.

One of the latest trends in the world of technology is the so-called smart screens with a built-in voice assistant. In essence, they are the natural evolution of the smart speaker, adding a visual element such as an on-screen display.

As a rule, the screen is not very adjustable (although more versatile models begin to appear). While the base has speakers to provide audio of a certain quality.

Other features included are the microphones so you can use voice control. And some have a front camera to be able to carry out videoconferences in communications with third parties.

Amazon paved the way in this area with the Echo Show, just as it did with the smart speaker. Others have followed in their footsteps with the main alternative focused on Google solutions. This does not indicate that they are the best, as we will see below.

Lenovo has partnered with Google to launch its enhanced Smart Display with 8 and 10-inch screen sizes. Which you can modify its position to use both in portrait and landscape mode.

Keep reading and we tell you in this article the best and worst of each of the smart screens that exist in the market.

If we talk about prices since last May Google launched its Nest Hub model at a tight price of only $ 129. Which has caused the rest of manufacturers to have to rethink their offer of models.

Apart from the individual specifications of each screen, you should pay attention to choosing between Alexa and Google Assistant. Each device has its peculiarity so that it will offer better performance depending on the use you are going to give it.

Take into account also the type of devices and their ecosystem in order to unify as much as possible. All those products that you have deployed in your digital home. Compatibility begins to be key in domestic environments, and you must ensure that all of them will be understood.

The best Smart Display of 2019

Lenovo Smart Display 10

Price: $ 199.99 (8in), $ 249.99 (10in)

Lenovo’s commitment to smart-display displays in the form of Smart Display results in a couple of very interesting products that promise to offer better quality than Google Nest Hub with two larger 8 and 10-inch screens and the inclusion of a front camera for video calls.

In this way, the first great feature included by both models of a smart device is to be able to make video calls using Google Duo. Their design allows them to rotate the position between the portrait and landscape mode so that they adapt to each situation.

The large screen of the 10 “Smart Display is amazing, especially if you are looking for content playback, travel information, or reading recipes. The viewing angle of its IPS panel is very wide to be viewed from almost any angle with FHD quality of 1920 x 1200 pixels, dual-band MIMO Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth 4.2.

The front speakers built into its 10-watt front (on the side of the screen) sound surprisingly with deep bass and enough volume to fill the room. Which is more than we expected to find in a device that focuses on your screen.

If you are a regular video call to communicate with your family every day, this should clearly be your choice to get the best experience and quality, both video and audio.

Google Nest Hub

Price: $ 129

If there is one aspect that especially highlights the new Nest Hub that is now marketed in Spain is because of its low price. However, we think it has many good things that improve its predecessor known as Google Home Hub.

Its design and is compact and elegant, with a screen size of 8 inches that you can place anywhere in the house, including the kitchen. It is here that you can offer your maximum splendor to many with guided recipes when cooking.

It is evident that it lacks a front camera. Something that does include the Lenovo Smart Display models and the audio quality is not the best. But everything is compensated with the low purchase price, competing with intelligent speakers without a screen whose price is $99 (Amazon Echo example).

What Nest Hub has is an excellent screen in which Google Assistant cans show and tell. You may find it a bit small for places like the living room but in general. It works very well for all kinds of tasks. Including streaming music, watching videos or simply displaying useful information on your screen.

Amazon Echo Show 5

Price: $ 89.99

The Echo Show 5 may turn out to be the voice assistant presented in the form of a more economical screen. You can find in the market, although yes, based on Alexa versus models with Google Assistant.

Its screen is compact of only 5.5 inches with a low resolution of only 960 x 480 pixels that prevents the video display from being of quality. But that does not prevent the succession of certain photos or landscapes shown to have a certain charm.

In the same way, the front camera is of the low resolution of only one megapixel. Which is integrated and covered by a cover to be able to activate or deactivate it to the user’s liking. It happens with the microphone of the Echo Show 5 system review.

Amazon Echo Spot

Price: $ 129.99

If you are looking for the best features in an Amazon Smart Display. You must put your eyes on the Echo Show model whose price is $229. On the other hand. If you use more modest features, the Echo Spot with its circular design guarantees design at a more attractive price.

It has a 2.5-inch circular screen and a 640 x 480-pixel VGA front camera. As far as audio is concerned. It is possible to use the 3.5 mm connection to physically connect any external source.

The Echo Spot synchronizes with devices encompassed within the digital homes, such as cameras, lights, thermostats, and sensors. Aided by the multitude of skills developed for Alexa. You can get more out of the intelligent voice assistant with a built-in screen.

Lenovo Smart Display 8

Price: $ 199.99 (8in), $ 249.99 (10in)

The main difference between the Smart Display of 8 and the 10-inch is that the screen of the first in HD. While the above mentioned is of superior quality of type FHD.

In the other components, both have the Qualcomm Home Hub platform with integrated CPU, GPU. And DSP, great connectivity, as well as RAM and flash storage in the form of eMMC inside.

Physically and for design purposes, they are similar except in size, with a base system. You can place on a table in both vertical and horizontal positions. You have controls to manage the volume or cancel the microphone and its camera sensor.

The main difference with the Google Nest Hub model lies in the possibility of making video calls, something that can justify in part the $ 50 more than the Lenovo Smart Display model is worth.

The manufacturer is very aligned with Google to join the application ecosystem and get the most out of this smart assistant. However, for the rest of the functions offered in return. The Nest Hub model makes it difficult in terms of price.

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