October 18, 2018

The BenQ SW271 the monitor manufacturer focuses on the serious image editor. In addition to an impressive 4K resolution on 27 inches, there is support for the AdobeRGB color space and even HDR10.

BenQ SW271 Specifications

Price: $ 1099

Format: 27 inch

Resolution: 2840x2160p (4K)

Panel type: IPS

Refresh rate: 60 Hz

Connections: Display Port, 2x HDMI, USB 3.1 Type-C

Extras: VESA mount, USB Hub, remote control, shade hood

As soon as the BenQ SW271 is on the table. You know that you are in the Pro segment because physically it is more than impressive even before you place the monitor cover. Caps that can also be used in the vertical position. It is almost superfluous to mention that the SW271 is of course also adjustable in height, tilts and rotates. That the remote control falls perfectly in the foot. And, the screen can be controlled via USB 3.1 Type-C is practical bonuses that we would like to see in other models.


BenQ SW271


  • Phenomenal accuracy and flexibility
  • Correct signal handling for all formats
  • Great build quality and light hood


  • Contrast
  • No image adjustments in HDR mode

Fantastic panel

We expect excellent test results from a 10-bit IPS screen with 14-bit LUT (lookup table), Adobe RGB color space and 4K resolution in this price range. The SW271, fortunately, does not disappoint momentarily in terms of potency and factory setting. The screen sets excellent scores in terms of contrast, gamma and color, and gray deviations. As a Pro screen, we value the hardware calibration that makes application-specific support superfluous and guarantees good color adjustment in all your applications. All you have to do is purchase the required colorimeter yourself.


Subjectively viewed, it is simply a beautiful panel that has nothing to complain about. We have seen a few panels that leave such an impression in terms of such things as image quality, viewing angles, sharpness, and the like. Only in a darkened room is it striking that there is some light coming through at the edges, something we also see in uniformity. A ‘very reasonable’ result in a further exceptionally good screen is nevertheless negative. However, do not forget that calibrated panels can easily cost double.

Nevertheless, this raises the question of whether the SW271 is not yet too much consumer for the real pro who does not accept any concessions and wants to pay for it. However, they too will have to ask themselves what they really want. Because, if you make HDR10 as a requirement, the choice is very limited. Especially if you also need AdobeRGB and hardware calibration. Then a single flaw and a non-exorbitant price spontaneously are not so crazy.


Depending on your definition of ‘Pro’. You could label the SW271 as too light because of the imperfect uniformity. But apart from that, it’s a solid whole. A beautiful 4K AdobeRGB panel with impressive HDR performance and excellent bench test results and a nice remote-controlled remote control.


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