February 20, 2019

ASUS announces new TUF Gaming peripherals

TUF Gaming

The TUF Gaming series expands to include a whole new set of gaming peripherals. Including the M5 mouse, the K5 keyboard, the H5 headphones and the P3 mouse pad.

The TUF Gaming brand is designed for gamers looking for stability and performance and offers an advantageous quality/price ratio. New features include the TUF Gaming M5 mouse, the K5 keyboard, the H5, and H5 lite headphones, the P3 mousepad. As well as the GT501 chassis, several motherboards and gaming notebooks and a series of components produced by the TUF Gaming Alliance partners.

TUF Gaming M5 is coated with a particularly resistant paint that allows an intensive use without showing the signs. The Omron switches have been implemented under the two main buttons. The mouse is based on the Armory II software and all the buttons are programmable with specific functions or macros. The software also allows you to save three different profiles directly on the internal memory of the mouse. Making them available in this way on any game station being use.

Pixart PAW3327 optical sensor reaches up to 6200 DPI resolution sensitivity far more than sufficient not only for casual players but also for professional players. Aura Sync technology allows completely customizable lighting.

The TUF Gaming K5 keyboard is design to withstand the pouring of liquids up to 60ml. Thus preventing small doses of liquid from damaging the product. The keycaps are cover with three layers of paint. One more than the classic keyboards.TUF Gaming

Under each keycap, switches use a specially developed membrane to simulate the feedback of a mechanical keyboard. As with the M5 mouse. The Armory II software allows you to record macros and save them in the built-in memory.

TUF Gaming H5 is instead headphones design to withstand thanks to their stainless steel headband. The lightweight design allows the headset to be comfortable to wear even in the longest gaming sessions. Each pavilion incorporates a 50mm Essence driver that combined with a unique sealed chamber design. Improves the sound quality, ensuring full-bodied bass and excellent sound details. On the left pavilion. There is also a removable microphone ideal for in-game communication or a smartphone.TUF Gaming

The TUF Gaming headphones are also available in the “H5 Lite” version. Which offers all the features already indicated with the only exception of the virtual surround, given the absence of USB connectivity.

Designed to guarantee durability and comfort of play. The TUF Gaming P3 mousepad offers a sturdy surface in smooth fabric optimized for gaming and ensures accurate and responsive tracking with reinforced edges to ensure durability and durability. The non-slip rubber base also ensures a secure grip to maintain control even during the most intense matches.TUF Gaming

The TUF Gaming Alliance is the result of the collaboration between ASUS and the leading PC. Component manufacturers and today bring together an ever-broader set of components and solutions. The initial objective was to maintain a precise and common aesthetic address on all the components of a PC, certifying its compatibility, including memory modules, heat sinks, chassis, and power supplies, offered by leading companies such as Antec, Apacer, Ballistix, Cooler Master, Corsair, Deepcool, Enermax, G.Skill, Geil, In Win, Scythe, Silver Stone, Team Group and XPG. In addition to being a guarantee of compatibility and aesthetic harmony. The TUF Gaming Alliance establishes new and higher quality standards.

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