United States lifts Huawei veto

The United States has finally lifted the veto on Huawei. Allowing the company to resume its activity in a normal manner using Android and all the other US technology that makes its mobiles work.

President Donald Trump has announced that the blockade on Huawei for the technology companies of his country will cease to apply. But this has only been possible because he has reached a trade agreement with China. To avoid the successive increases in tariffs in recent months.

Huawei’s situation was not comfortable since the blockade would mean that he could not use Android. In fact, he was working hard on Ark OS, an operating system of his own. In the end, this possibility has dissipated.

The veto meant that ARM did not work with Huawei. Which would make the development of its upcoming Kirin processors very difficult? In addition, he also suffered problems with the WiFi Alliance and the SD Association. Which could not keep the Chinese company as a member.

During the summit of the G20, which brings together the main world powers. China and the United States have reached an agreement that ends the tariff war between the two countries. The trade between them should return to normal without new increases in customs for the products.

In any case, the Huawei veto was suspended for 90 days, ending on August 19. But the impact on the company had already been very great.

The strangest part of the conflict is that Donald Trump justified the veto to the company for reasons of national security. Claiming that he spied on the United States and that Huawei has strong ties to the Chinese government. Now that the blockade is over. It is not clear that any action has been taken against this supposed security risk.

In fact, a trial was pending for this seemingly arbitrary decision. Which is to imagine that it will not be held now that the United States eliminates the Huawei veto. Allowing it to continue working with Google and the other major technology companies.

What do you think about the United States ending its veto over Huawei? Do you think he has had well-founded reasons or was it a measure of more pressure in the commercial war?

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