VideoProc: The Best 4K Video Editor In Windows For Beginners

VideoProc is considered one of the best video editing programs in 4K for those who have just start in the audiovisual world. We explain all its advantages over other more expensive software and how to get it for free. VideoProc is considered the best video editing program in 4K, especially for beginners. 4K resolution has […]

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Windows license

How to install your Windows license on more than one computer or laptop

If you have acquired a Windows license, you would like to know that you can use it on more than one computer or laptop. How? We suggest several methods to install the Windows operating system on any PC. In general terms, the same Windows license can only be installed on a computer. This is clear […]

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Bluetooth speaker

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a Windows PC or laptop

If your Windows 10 PC or laptop has a Bluetooth connection, you can easily connect Bluetooth speaker of this type to take advantage of the wireless connection. We show you in this tutorial how to do it step by step. The absence of the mini-jack connector on the new smartphones has caused many manufacturers to […]

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