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Our passage through E3 2019 has also helped us to try the new Watch Dogs Legion the video game that portrays an apocalyptic London after Brexit. This are our first’s impressions.

Watch Dogs Legion is it worth your purchase?

Watch Dogs: Legion allows you to explore London after the Brexit is effective. The game is full of novelties and surely the brilliant recreation of the British capital will not leave you indifferent. It has fascinated us.

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Watch Dogs Review: Legion: First Impressions

After several years without launchings in the Watch Dogs franchise, the third title of the series is already here. We have been able to play Watch Dogs. Legion during E3 2019, set in a post-Brexit London that will not leave anyone indifferent.

The first title was well received, but the second part of Watch Dogs did not have such a good reception. However, with this third installment, we are sure that Ubisoft will once again win the favor of the public.

Watch Dogs: Legion has many points in favor and few against, or at least the demo that we have been able to prove. In this case, it could be said that the wait for almost three years has been worth it.

When it finally goes on sale on March 6, 2020, gamers can get the game for several platforms. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia, the new streaming video game service from Google.

As we have said, the new video game is set in London. If you have ever visited the city, you can certainly identify them, although the story does not happen at present if not in the not too distant future.

You will see that it seems that the situation has gone a little bit. The developers say they have been inspired by current political events. Which is why they suspect they have tried to portray a post-Brexit apocalyptic London.

The London here portrayed is in crisis, the people are divided. The pound has been replaced by a cryptocurrency and the sky is full of drones. Technology and augmented reality have taken power and has left even game developers without work.

In Watch Dogs: Legion, you will not play a specific character, but DedSec in its entirety. It is a Grand Theft Auto style game, with an open world as usual, although Ubisoft has taken the development of the characters very seriously.

It is spectacular that you can play with any character that you find on the street. Each of them has a story, a personality, a schedule, a political agenda … In addition; you will find characters with blood links between them.

All this makes it a bit like the world of the Westworld series, although they are not the same type of robot. We will have to see how different the stories of each character are. They are so many that we would not be surprised if they ended up repeating themselves.

When you meet someone on the street, it will be very easy to check their name, history, calendar for that day and to what extent they support DedSec. If you help, you can convince them to join DedSec and you can play with that character.Watch Dogs

For the first time, Watch Dogs. Legion introduces classes, which means that by recruiting a new member, you can decide what kind of power you want to have, such as being invisible for a while.

It may seem overwhelming to play all those characters that you are, but the truth is that “only” you can recruit up to 20 people. You can change character. Keep in mind that if they die, they will be gone forever.

You can do practically what you want: go around and recruiting people, or fulfill a specific mission. Once you have passed the game, you will have gone through five plot threads and more than 60 missions.

You may wonder how this possibility of being more than one character in the game is reflected. This is adapted according to the character you play in each moment. Using skin for each of them and with dialogue and behavior also different.Watch Dogs

The city of London has been beautifully portrayed in this video game. We were able to play in the Westminster and Camden area and it seemed like we were there in person. Of course, you have to get used to a future with many vintage cars.

On the other hand, you surely like the possibility of traveling fast in time with the subway, without the annoying delays and wagons full of real life. In addition, and although for now, it focuses on a player, you may soon enjoy the online game with your friends.


Whether you liked the previous watch Dog game or not, the Legion title is sure to catch you from the first minute. We like that it is set in London in a very realistic way and that you can play with whatever character you find.

In fact, one of the great objectives of the game is to recruit several people to join DedSec, but you can do it with all the freedom in the world and enjoy classes and rewards. In addition, everything is more realistic with the possibility that your character dies.

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