Luigi's Mansion 3

Review of Luigi’s Mansion 3: First Impressions


Forget about Mario. It’s time for Luigi, who returns with another game of his own. In this case, Luigi’s Mansion 3 also includes his friend Gooigi. These are our first impressions after playing the Nintendo Switch video game at E3 2019.

Luigi’s Mansion 3: is it worth your purchase?

We are delighted that Luigi’s Mansion 3 is about to arrive for the Nintendo Switch, especially because it will appeal to those who have already played video games of the franchise and those who are totally new.

You will find a great balance between moments of action and others in which you will have to solve puzzles and enigmas. The presence of Gooigi adds a new dynamic. In addition, the gameplay is the most fun ever seen in the saga.

Retail price $ 59.99

Review of Luigi’s Mansion 3: First Impressions

Mario’s little brother is back. Luigi arrives now for the Nintendo Switch. We have already been able to test the new Luigi’s Mansion 3 at E3 2019 and today we bring you our first impressions.

It is the third title of the saga that has Luigi as the protagonist. The first came in 2001 for the GameCube and soon became one of the most popular games for this console. In 2013, the Dark Moon sequel arrived for the 3DS.

So, we have waited a lot. Next December 31, Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be launched for the Switch. You can already buy it at the presale through Amazon for € 59.90. It will be then when we will know if it is one of the best games for Switch.

In this third videogame, Luigi goes on vacation with Mario and his friends, but things do not go as expected. Again, Luigi will have to help himself from Professor E. Gadd to save his friends from King Boo.

As expected, you should use a torch to scare the ghosts and a Poltergust G-00 to absorb them. The novelty comes in the form of Gooigi, a somewhat slimy version of Luigi similar to Moquete from Ghostbusters.

You can use Gooigi whenever you want to do certain things or go to certain places that flesh-and-bones Luigi could not access. For example, you can enter a metal cage or use it to solve a puzzle.

It is somewhat disappointing that, when you use Gooigi, you can not do anything with Luigi, although the truth is that we have had a great time exploring the possibilities of the vicious character. Do not forget not to introduce it to the water, it will dissolve.

We are also convinced by the multiplayer function of Luigi’s Mansion 3. While you control Luigi, you can ask a friend to take care of Gooigi. In addition, new abilities have been introduced such as jumping or hitting or throwing objects at ghosts.

For now, we have only been able to play about 15 minutes in single-player mode, but as we have been told, Luigi’s Mansion 3 can be played with up to 8 players, either online or with four Switch consoles connected.

On the other hand, the ScareScraper mode will consist of having to collect several objects in a limited time and along several floors of the hotel, all set in a different way. It must be said that the visuals are more spectacular than ever.

The developers of Next Level Games have done an excellent job. The scenarios are vibrant and very colorful, and that is supposed to be a dark game that is scary. The details are fantastic, something that greatly enriches the experience.


After what little we have been able to play, we can conclude that this game presents a good mix of actions and puzzles. The presence of Gooigi gives a fresh touch to the franchise and we celebrate that it is an option in the Luigi’s Mansion 3.

This video game has some very vibrant graphics that still make it more fun to play him. In addition, it is not intended only for those who have played the previous titles. You can also play with your friends with the multiplayer mode.

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