Chrome OS is soon syncing Wifi passwords across devices


Anyone who has ever switched from an older notebook, smartphone, etc. A new device knows that the new setup can take a bit more time, depending on the operating system. This includes the problem that you can not access previously used Wi-Fi hotspots without having to enter the password again. Often you may not know that anymore and have not saved it anywhere. At Apple, it has been the case for a long time that Wi-Fi passwords are synchronized across devices. So the problem is going on.

Also, Google plans such a function for Chrome OS, as a newly introduced flag shows.

GerritAs it stands, Google also plans to implement this feature in Android. However, a date is not mentioned. Gerrit has the following comment:

Just “WifiSync”, for consistency with the variable name, and therefore since it might support Android soon enough. (Or “SyncWifiCredentials”, if the variable gets renamed to that).

If Google successfully tests the changes. We should probably be able to use the flag in Chrome OS version 77.

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