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Morus Zero: Compact clothes dryer for the table

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Especially at Kickstarter, there are always interesting products to find that are innovative and can enrich everyday life. Currently, among other things, the Morus Zero can be found. Which is a tumble dryer – sounds boring, but it is not.

Morus Zero as a tumble dryer at the table

Because the tumble dryer offers a significantly different approach than the clunky. White machines that many have in the basement. Even the design of the Zero is less reminiscent of a classic tumble drier than much more of a wine tempering cabinet.

But that’s not all: because you can hardly see the Morus Zero in the basement. Rather, it is a compact model that does well on the shelf and is suitable for short-term use in between.

Campaign at Kickstarter is currently running

In just 15 minutes, the Morus Zero manages to dry a full load of laundry, though this is not a typical amount of laundry. This is rather limited to a weight of about 1.5 kilograms.

Accordingly, the Zero is not suitable for large families who want to dry their entire laundry in a dishwashing process. On the other hand, if you wish to have your laundry dried quickly and easily. You can definitely take a closer look at the compact dryer.

Not suitable for large loadings

Those who choose the Morus Zero can currently access the linked Kickstarter campaign below. However, this could be quick access to be advised, because, from the entry category, all models are already out of stock. In other categories, the availability is already low.

The cheapest offer was available for around 249 euros. The currently cheapest price is around 267 euros. The delivery is to take place in December 2019. Who would like to buy the tumble dryer in the trade? Who must expect about 490 euros in costs?

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