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Every year in May takes place in Seattle, United States. The Microsoft Build the conference that brings together developers from all over the world. Where the software giant takes the opportunity to show their latest technological developments.

This year, during Build 2019, new technologies for developers were presented with the aim of creating smart and productive solutions.

In addition, Microsoft partners and customers, including Starbucks, JP Morgan, Kroger, Spatial, Epic.  Games and others showed new solutions that deliver smarter and customer-focused experiences.

Microsoft Build 2019

The main announcements that were announced during Build 2019 include :

  • New collaboration and productivity services through applications and the web as well as AI capabilities in Microsoft 365.
  • New open source technologies and development tools in Azure and Windows.
  • Microsoft’s cloud platforms, which encompass infrastructure, data, AI and mixed productivity, productivity and collaboration, business applications and videogames and are the foundation for a global collective of developers and technological capabilities aimed at creating innovative new experiences for organizations and individuals.

For its part at the opening conference, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, highlighted the vision of the company and the opportunity for developers through Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Gaming.

Microsoft and open source

While the company is having a good time, thanks to its successful Azure cloud platform, Microsoft Build 2019. It does not seem to have aroused much expectation at least not as in other years.

Among the ads that draw the most attention to the developer community is the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). It is one of the fastest growing services in Azure used in global companies such as ASOS to manage container cloud application infrastructure to scale. To provide greater reliability and flexibility. In Build, Microsoft delivers different new features and capabilities to drive and secure Kubernetes workloads :

  • Kubernetes Event-driven Autoscaling (KEDA ) is an open-source component that supports the implementation of event-driven containers without a server in Kubernetes created in collaboration with Red Hat. Now in a public preview version. KEDA presents a new hosting option for Azure Functions that can be implemented as a container in Kubernetes clusters. To bring the programming model and scale controller of Azure Functions to any Kubernetes implementation. Both in the cloud as in site with OpenShift.
  • Azure Policy for AKS applies to scaled executions and helps protect AKS clusters in a centralized and consistent manner. Azure Policy blocks any violations that occur during runtime and develops compliance assessments in all existing clusters for up-to-date visibility through the environment.

Finally Quantum is an exciting new frontier for developers. Microsoft designed Q # specifically for quantum programming to deliver an accessible and high-level programming language with a native type system for qubits, operators and other abstractions. In Build, Microsoft opens the Q # compiler and simulator code to increase its Q. Developer community and unlock new opportunities for partners and startups that allow them to improve bids for their own businesses.

Microsoft has changed a lot in recent years. Developing a new business model for the company that has given good dividends. And has once again positioned it as one of the profitable companies in the sector.

Microsoft Build remained as a remnant event of other times. Which seeks to maintain a tradition. But cannot attract attention for its innovations.


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