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Find the Best TV of 2019 here. What should you pay attention to if you want to buy a TV? Consult our top five of the best TV 2019 and find useful tips for buying the best smart TV of 2019.

Some of us have known the time that a television set was only used to watch television programs. Equipped with a black and white screen, linked to an antenna on the roof and with the choice of two or three channels: you may have experienced it in your childhood.

Nowadays a TV is used for a lot more. With a smart TV, you get a multifunctional television set, with which you can use the internet, play games, and download apps and so on. Moreover, the quality of the image is constantly improved. Every manufacturer comes with new technologies on the market.

Are you looking for the best TV from 2019, then read on about the latest developments in the field of television and which models might be among the best TVs.

The best TV Smart UHD 4K of 2019

Top 5 best TV 2019

Buying a new TV: some tips

Anyone planning to buy a new TV soon from, for example, Media Markt, BCC or another provider, will have to make sense of the newest technologies with which the manufacturers unpack. You will also have to choose from the available screen sizes: buy a TV with a 40-inch screen, a 55-inch screen or even larger? Below an overview of the latest technologies.

Ultra HD resolution

Ultra HD screens, also known as 4K screens, have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Due to the much higher pixel density, you get a much sharper image. To enjoy the benefits of Ultra HD (UHD), the television program or movie that you watch must of course also be recorded with the UHD technology.

HDR support

High dynamic range or HDR is a technique that ensures a much greater contrast in the image: the white color becomes whiter, the black parts even blacker and the color palette even more extensive.

10-bit color depth

Seven 4K televisions tested

Working with a color depth of 10 bits means that for each primary color (red, green and blue) 1024 shades can be displayed. This means that a total of 1.07 billion shades of color may appear on the screen.


OLED technology uses organic LEDs, which can be used to create a large, flat light source. OLED screens are gradually replacing traditional LCD screens. Advantages of these types of screens are the high contrast, a sharper image, and greater color depth. OLED screens can also be thinner because OLED pixels light up themselves and do not need a backlight.

The best TV 2019: what to watch out for

Many organizations compare TV sets and call a certain model the best device: best TV 2018 according to the Consumers’ Association, and so on. We still have to wait and see which device will receive the title of best TV 2019. Below we present some suitable candidates.


5. Sony KD-55XD9305Sony KD-55XD9305

Screen type: LED LCD | Screen diagonal: 55 inches | Sharpness: UHD (4K) | Smart TV: Yes | Image refresh: 100 Hz

Slim model from Sony

The KD-55XD9305 is a super slim 4K smart TV with which Sony came on the market in 2018. The device has a flat 55-inch screen with UHD resolution and HDR. The TV as a whole is only 54 mm thick. The power supply is not built in but is located in an external housing that you can place somewhere in the TV unit.

Screen performance

The color range comprises 88% of the DCI-P3 color space, which means that an Ultra HD Premium certification is just not achieved. The screen is an LCD display that uses edge LED backlight technology with local dimming. This means that the LCD screen uses an LED backlight, the LEDs of which are mounted on the edges of the screen. The brightness and contrast achieved are excellent.

Android operating system

Sony applies Android version 5 (Lollipop) in this smart TV. The processor used is a Media Tek MT5890-soc, with a dual-core ARM Cortex-A17 and Mali-T264 GPU. You can download various apps from the Google Play Store on this TV. This gives you an almost endless choice of entertainment applications. Using the Google Cast app, it is possible to show videos and photos on your smartphone on the TV.


Sony provides a new remote control with this TV with keys for Netflix and Google Play. A microphone is built in, so you can record a search query.

Audio quality and 3D

This Sony device supports the active 3D display. The built-in speakers with a capacity of 4 x 7.5 watts and 3D surround effect provide a very sound. It is possible to connect an optional subwoofer to enhance the bass response.

Very good for entertainment

Good value for money

The operating system still has minor problems

Color reproduction can be even better

BEST TV 2018

4. Samsung UE55KS9000Samsung UE55KS9000

Screen type: LED LCD | Screen diagonal: 55 inches | Sharpness: UHD (4K), UHD premium | Smart TV: Yes | Image refresh: 100 Hz

Ultra slim design and curved screen

The UE55KS9000 is certainly one of the best smart TVs of 2018. Samsung has opted for a curved screen and a super slim design. A curved screen has the same curvature as the eyeball and gives the image more depth. A special coating on the screen ensures that annoying light reflections are avoided. Samsung talks about a 360 ° design: not only the front but also the back of the TV is beautifully finished.

Screen with extraordinary performance

The screen has a diagonal of 55 inches. It is an LCD screen with edge LED backlight, with an ultra HD resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels. The device bears the Ultra HD Premium logo, which guarantees the best HDR performance. The Ultra HD Alliance is a group of TV manufacturers, film studios and technology companies that strives for the most optimal image quality that is technologically feasible.

The brightness of the screen reaches more than the required 1000 nits and according to measurements, the color range comprises 92% of the DCI P3 color space. Thanks to the application of the local dimming technique, a great contrast is achieved.

Connections using one box and Smart Hub

To avoid a big mess of cables at the back of the TV, you can connect the One Connect Box with one cable. This box has multiple inputs for different types of cables, including HDMI connections, antenna connectors, and USB connections.

Easy operation with the Smart Hub and Smart Controller remote control

The operating system of this smart TV is Tizen, which in combination with an integrated quad-core processor ensures the fast launch of apps and quick responses to commands. You can choose the different sources of the device on the Smart Hub, a band that appears at the bottom of the screen. If you select a specific source (for example live TV), a second context-related bar (for example live TV programs) appears above it. With the Smart Controller remote control, you can control not only the TV but also most connected peripherals.

Large color range, brightness, and contrast

Good user interface

No support for 3D

The curved screen provides a smaller viewing angle


3. LG 55EF950VLG 55EF950V

Screen type: OLED | Screen diagonal: 55 inches | Sharpness: UHD (4K), UHD premium | Smart TV: Yes | Image refresh: 120 Hz

UHD screen with OLED technology

The Korean manufacturer LG is launching a UHD TV with the EF950V that uses a flat OLED screen. Thanks to OLED technology, the screen is very thin: only 5.5 mm at the top and 5 cm at the bottom.

Excellent image quality thanks to OLED

Characteristic of OLED screens is the very high contrast: a perfectly black pixel can be displayed next to a perfectly white pixel. Moreover, the viewing angle is very large. The LG55EF950V is ready for HDR playback, although it does not fully meet the eligibility requirements for UHD Premium certification. The screen has a UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. According to measurements, 85% of the colors of the DCI-P3 color space are displayed.

Operating system and remote control

This smart TV runs on the user-friendly and fast-operating operating system webOS version 2. You can easily switch between live TV programs, apps, games, and other content. All sources (live TV, apps, and external inputs) are presented on a horizontal band at the bottom of the screen. A “Magic Remote” remote control is supplied with the TV. This Magic Remote uses infrared to wake the TV and to operate connected devices. However, communication with the switched on TV is done with radio signals. So you don’t have to constantly point the remote at the TV. The Magic Remote has a built-in microphone that you can use to perform specific searches via speech.

You setup your TV like that

3D display

It is possible to enjoy a passive 3D display with this television. LG supplies the necessary lightweight 3D glasses. The enormous contrast that an OLED screen offers is ideal for displaying 3D effects.

Very good color rendering

Very high contrast

Sound quality, not optimal

Energy consumption relatively high

BEST 4K TV 2019


Screen type: OLED | Screen diagonal: 55 inches | Sharpness: UHD (4K), UHD premium | Smart TV: yes | Image refresh: 120 Hz

An old TV with a curved screen

Manufacturer LG uses OLED screens that are curved in the C6V series. This combines the advantages of OLED technology (very high contrast and deep colors) and curved screens (more image depth). The device has a very slim design and a sleek finish.

Ultra HD resolution and an almost infinite contrast

The OLED55C6V discussed here has a 55-inch screen, with an ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The device supports HDR (both the HDR10 standard and Dolby Vision) and 10-bit color depth. The color range covers 90% of the colors of the DCI-P3 color space. Thanks to the OLED screen, deep black can be displayed excellently. The screen provides an almost infinite contrast and the colors are vividly displayed. The device has rightly received the Ultra HD Premium certification.

User-friendly operation

LG has applied its operating system WebOS version 3.0 in this TV. Thanks to this smart TV platform from LG, the device can be easily operated and configured. The various sources and apps appear as a sort of fan at the bottom of the screen. New apps can be found in LG’s own App Store. However, the most popular applications such as YouTube and Netflix are already present. The TV is operated with the included Magic Remote control. This remote control has a pointer with which you can point to certain elements in the image to select them. You can also use your smartphone as a remote control if it is equipped with the TV plus Remote app.

What is HDR?

3D display and sound quality

The OLED55C6V can display 3D passively. LG supplies two glasses for this purpose. The 3D effect is excellent, with sharp image display, vivid colors and high brightness. The built-in speakers provide a sufficient stereo sound reproduction, without distortion at higher sound volume.

Very high contrast

User-friendly interface

Reflections on the screen

It is better to absorb rapid movements

BEST TV 2019

1. Samsung UE55KS8000Samsung UE55KS8000

Screen type: LED LCD | Screen diagonal: 55 inches | Sharpness: UHD (4K), UHD premium | Smart TV: Yes | Image refresh: 100 Hz

Ultra HD Premium

Samsung uses a screen with a 55 inch diagonal with the UE55KS8000, which has UHD resolution and uses HDR technology. The KS8000 meets the strict HDR requirements of the Ultra HD Alliance and is Ultra HD Premium certified.

Flat 55-inch screen

The screen of the KS8000 is a flat screen that uses edge LED backlight technology. Samsung has equipped the KS8000 with a “One Connect Box”. This is an external box with a lot of connections that are connected to the TV with only one cable.

Smart TV

The KS8000 is a smart TV with the operating system Tizen. The “Smart Hub” function is very handy. With one press on the remote control, a bar appears at the bottom of the screen, giving you access to live TV, various apps, games, and other sources. The engine of the KS8000 is a powerful quad-core processor, which ensures that apps start up quickly and responds quickly to commands from the remote control.

Unrivaled image quality

The resolution of the screen is 3840 x 2160 pixels. Images with a 10-bit color depth can be displayed correctly on the screen, whereby at least 90% of the colors from the DCI P3 color space can actually be displayed. The KS8000 also scores excellent in terms of brightness and contrast. This device is without a doubt one of the best candidates for the title of best TV 2019.

Excellent color rendering

Nice design

The remote control can be even better

Headphone connection is missing

What is the best TV brand?

All brands come out with high-end TVs that use the latest technology. Identifying the best brand is an almost impossible task. Everything depends on what you want and what price you are willing to pay for it. In any case, it is true that developments in this area do not stand still. A television set is increasingly becoming a home cinema with unparalleled image quality and sound reproduction, with which you can also play games and surf the internet.

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