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Samsung delays the arrival of the Galaxy Fold

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Samsung delays the arrival of the Galaxy Fold all the reasons discovered by which the launch of the Galaxy Fold is delayed. Samsung cancels the presentation event of its folding mobile phone and leaves us without a new date for its final release. Although they are a breakthrough in technology. The qualities of their materials and screens still have much room for improvement.

Samsung reported the postponement of the launch of its new Galaxy Fold mobile device that was announced last February with the arrival of the new Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10 plus.

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We have decided to postpone the launch of the Galaxy Fold in order to analyze in detail all the comments made in recent days related to the problems detected and in order to perform more internal tests, the statement said.

The company alleges that the incidences on the screens could be related to the impacts received in the most exposed areas of the Galaxy Fold hinge, as well as at its top and bottom. They also highlight the incident in which substances found inside the device, would have affected the performance of the screen.

Reasons to delay its launch

Recall that the decision adopted to postpone the release date of the Galaxy Fold has been the result of problems detected by many journalists of technological media and the community of users who usually have access to these devices before its release occurs.

The aforementioned have published and shared videos and photos on social networks about how some devices presented problems after just over 48 hours working with the device.

In some cases, the 7.3-inch QXGA + screen protector was accidentally deleted. Which caused later problems. But many other problems have been related to quality control.

The surprising thing is that it was the users who identified these failures and not the engineers of the company or even the numerous quality controls that Samsung will carry out on their products. Despite being a new category of an innovative mobile device such as mention the brand.

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Other obstacles of the folding phones

In the coming weeks, Samsung will announce the new official date of its launch. The brand emphasizes that it will reinforce the protection of the screen and improves the guide on the care and use of the screen. Including the protective layer so that customers can enjoy maximum performance.

As alternatives to the Galaxy Fold, of which in his day we published all his novelties. Huawei announced in the MWC 2019 the model Mate X with a similar concept of folding mobile device. For its part, Xiaomi has also been the last to show a video of his project but without revealing the name or dates of the development. Galaxy-Fold

Detail of the image presented by Huawei’s Mate X in a semi-open position with an 8-inch screen and an aspect ratio of 8: 7.1 and a resolution of 2480 x 2200 dpi.

In all cases, they are mobile devices that will be part of a new category of folding and whose prices will be around € 2,000. If you want to know our first impressions of the Huawei Mate X, take a look here to our review and contact.

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