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Sleep trackers have become a useful tool for all those users who want to know their daily sleep pattern. We examine the bracelet proposals that monitor the sleep and its functions so you can choose the one that suits you.

Sleep trackers have become an element of mass use among users who want to obtain information about their sleep pattern, with the possibility of accessing metrics that were previously only available in advanced medical devices.

Thanks to manufacturers like Misfit or Fitbit, among others, it is possible to monitor the phases of sleep to have an estimate of the quality of sleep we had last night and even compare them with those of other users of similar age.

We explain below the devices that you can find in the market, the functions that they include, and those aspects that you must bear in mind when choosing the tracker bracelet that best suits you.

Buying tips for the sleep tracking bracelet

Before proceeding with the purchase of your tracking bracelet, you should know that most use the same sensors to track the dream to monitor the exercise since both features require a similar set to collect the information.

So, what should I take into account when buying a bracelet to track the phases of the dream?


It is undoubtedly an important factor to consider when buying a sleep tracker, as it should be comfortable to wear so as not to take it off at the time of going to bed. Most have a fairly discreet design, with light and soft materials so as not to cause skin irritation.

There are also other modalities of sleep trackers that are placed under the pillow or similar, but they tend to be more expensive than bracelets, and they do not record the information based on your pulse or heart rate at all times.


Another aspect to keep in mind when choosing a sleep tracker is the duration offered by your battery. Here we must emphasize that it is worth investing in a tracker whose battery lasts more than 2 days with a single charge, against which you will have to constantly charge. You will prevent the battery from running out in the middle of the night.

Here, solutions such as Misfit Ray, the whose estimated duration for their devices last until almost six months due to the use of a traditional watch battery, gain ground. Once exhausted, you will not be able to recharge it and you will have to change its internal battery.

Advanced tracking

Beyond the design and the price of the tracking bracelet, it is important to carefully assess the possibilities that the platform will offer since it does not make much sense to collect the information but then not to show statistics of the work done by the sensors of the tracking bracelet.

The cheapest trackers usually have bad quality applications or even in a language other than Spanish, as it is common for the company to have spared the development of the application and the user experience.

If you are a user of Apple devices, search among the trackers that are integrated with the iOS Health app for a better overview of your personal health, combining with tracking physical status or eating habits.

The manufacturer Fitbit has also taken great care in this regard in studying the four phases of sleep that he considers to be determinant, all of which are necessary for the good rest of the body. It also encourages good habits with reminders to go to bed and the like.

The best sleep trackers of 2019

1. Misfit RayMisfit Ray

$ 79.99

It is the recommendation of tracker bracelet for that entire user who seeks to combine the record of exercise information with sleep. Although that yes, you do not have a screen in which to be able to visualize information, having to resort to the smartphone.

In favor of the Misfit Ray, it should be noted that you will have an excellent autonomy of the device, since the battery similar to a clock that is housed inside, allows you to keep the device active for an estimate of six months, compared to the week that achieves the best wristbands with rechargeable battery.

2. Fitbit Charge 3Fitbit Charge 3

$ 149.95

The great appeal of the Fitbit Charge 3, the brand’s most advanced bracelet is that it presents a design halfway between smartwatch and bracelet. In fact, there is even a version with NFC technology to be able to carry out mobile payments with your wristband.

However, what we are evaluating here is his abilities as a sleep phase tracker, something that he has optimized with the incorporation of improved sensors to constantly record the user’s heart rate.

The battery life extends easily up to 6 or 7 days, as we have seen in our long period of use. On your screen, you will be able to see the most relevant data, and then consult in greater detail a large number of statistics offered.

The sleep mode comes into action as it happens with any other sports activity, so you will not have to remember to configure this mode daily. Thus, you will also have collected the nap times that you can punctually allow for some days.

3. Xiaomi Mi Band 3Xiaomi Mi Band 3

$ 25.99

It is one of the most economical of those analyzed here which does not prevent it from doing a good job as a sleep tracking bracelet, in addition to other tasks. The My Band 3 of Xiaomi, in some way, has allowed democratizing the use of activity bracelets among users.

You have a small screen where you can consult the most basic information. It does not offer good lighting to consult outdoors, but we return to the same, for the modest price that presents the Band 3 we can not ask for much more.

4. Misfit Shine 2Misfit Shine 2

$ 99.95

Beyond the worked design offered by the Misfit Shine 2, it is a product recommended for lightness and comfort to wear at all times. Its design is practically flat with respect to the wrist in which you wear it.

You have notifications by way of vibration or haptic movement to not miss any important call or message. Comparing it with its strong Fitbit rival, we have to say that its autonomy is designed to guarantee use for months before having to recharge its battery.

The purchase package also includes a series of accessories so that you can detach it from your wrist and carry it as a clip on the belt or necklace based on the design presented by the Shine 2.

5. Moov NowMoov Now

$ 59.99

Its design takes some time between us, which does not seem to have taken its toll since, from its origins, it managed to captivate a large number of users by introducing design in a technological device.

It lacks a screen, but it uses lighting to show you the advances in your daily progress, whether in the practice of training, the basic activity or the tracking of the sleep phases.

Precisely, these phases are somewhat basic compared to what has been reaching the market, but if you are looking for something that is cheap and without great pretensions, the Moov Now can be a great choice.

In the purchase package, you will find the pile and straps large and small in order to adapt as best as possible to the dimensions of your wrist. The use of it guarantees an average estimate of up to 6 months of use before having to replace your battery.

6. Withings Steel HR SportWithings Steel HR Sport

£ 199.95

Unlike those mentioned above, the proposal Withings Steel HR Sport is presented as a very lightweight smartwatch with a dial that looks like a traditional analog watch.

Thanks to its design, the Steel HR Sport behaves like an advanced watch that you can use both on a day-to-day basis and in the gym without being out of step with your daily activity, something that not all smartwatches solve equally well.

In addition to its function as a sleep tracker, you can monitor up to 30 different activities including swimming or yoga. The battery life also extends until 25 days before having to replace it and not charge it, because it is again a clock battery.

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